Multidimensional Therapy in Aveiro
Multidimensional Therapy in Aveiro
For you who are from Aveiro, welcome to Multidimensional Therapy. located in Espinho, Santa Maria da Feira, Arouca, Águeda, Albergaria-a-Velha, Anadia, Castelo de Paiva, Estarreja, Ílhavo, Mealhada, Murtosa, Oliveira de Azeméis, Oliveira do Bairro, Ovar, São João da Madeira, Sever do Vouga, Vagos and Vale de Cambra who wish to make use of this holistic tool, Paulo Nogueira, invites you to visit the space Lua de Lótus in Porto and participate in a training that will raise your spiritual vibration providing you with all the knowledge and techniques you need to become a true Lightworker!

To do the work, students will learn to develop their intention for healing and to keep their focus in their heart to serve as channels for the Beings of Light to work through. In this training, given in an atmosphere of great joy and relaxation, the masters of the Great White Brotherhood, together with several Angels and Archangels, will be present in what is already a regular event in this city in the north of the country, where people from the districts of Porto, Aveiro, Vila Nova de Gaia, Braga, Bragança, Vila Real and Viana do Castelo come to learn to serve the Light.

Not being a course with special requirements, everyone is invited to get to know the therapy without the need to have pronounced mediumistic gifts although everyone has a certain degree of mediumship and sensitivity.

During the Multidimensional Therapy course that takes place in Porto, students will receive several initiations and activations in order to awaken latent stellar light codes in their spiritual DNA.

The role of the multidimensional therapist will be partly passive due to only in the 3rd dimension having focused on your heart chakra to do the work. However, in the 5th dimension, you will be fully active as your double will learn and carry out the work together with the Beings of Light of the team that is anchored in the energy of the student on the first day of the course.

During the course we will address the stellar origin of human beings, the various dimensions, the divine laws (Law of Attunement, Law of Oblivion, Law of Reincarnation, Law of KarmaLaw of Free Will, Law of Attraction, Law of Love among others) as well as the several temples of Light that exist located in some cities of Light around the Earth, inside the Earth in the 5th dimension and higher, inside the oceans as well as above the Earth.

We will address working together with Master Saint Germain, Master Sananda (Jesus), Mother Mary, Master Adama, Master Hilarion, Master Kuthumi, Master Serapis Bey, Lady Nada, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Metatron, Melchisedek, Gautama Buddha, Babaji and the importance of Universalism as a way of practicing tolerance towards all faiths and religions.

As each person experiences a Multidimensional Therapy session, he/she frees him/herself of fears, anxieties, sadness, resentments and grief that prevented us from seeing life with more hope in the future, and from feeling gratitude for being here and now, in this and all other dimensions, since we are all multidimensional beings.

Multidimensional therapy can be done both in person and at a distance, allowing cleansing and harmonization of the chakras as well as working on Forgiveness in relation to various people in our daily lives.

Set up a session with us and come and discover your potential!

Session duration: 1h15m
Exchange value: 35€

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