Multidimensional Therapy can be done remotely via Skype or telephone using the same effectiveness as the face-to-face version. There is no difference in results since it does not require any physical contact between therapist and patient.

The number of appointments for Multidimensional Therapy varies from person to person depending on the evolution that has been demonstrated as well as the severity of the situation. For situations that have been dragging on for several years such as depression, low self-esteem, low self-confidence, shyness and social introversion, it is generally recommended, along with Multidimensional Therapy, another therapy in which the person has a tool that he can use on a daily basis to help himself in order to create a new and positive habit that will gradually replace the old pattern of negative thoughts.

Thus, it is recommended that when a person has depression that has dragged on for long years, they have a tool like Reiki (I recommend the 2nd level) so that they can apply it for 42 days straight, one hour a day. In these cases, you can do a session of Multidimensional Therapy every 15 days to evaluate your progress and to work on issues that arise while you are doing this work of self-improvement.

Multidimensional Therapy gives powerful help but is no substitute for the work one should do for oneself by equipping oneself with a tool such as the Reiki, prayer, Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi or any other therapeutic practice performed in a consistent and disciplined manner over at least 21 days.

It is also not excluded the need for medical and psychiatric monitoring in certain more severe cases, and the patient should always remember that Multidimensional Therapy should always be seen as a complementary therapy and not as an alternative.

Multidimensional therapy can be applied in conjunction with other therapies.

As in face-to-face sessions, the multidimensional therapist does not always have access to the information of what the Beings of Light worked on during the session. The client should bear in mind that there may be impediments of various kinds to the attainment of a certain material objective such as the merit of the Soul, the lessons that the person needs to learn, the path that he still needs to travel throughout his life and during which his consciousness is changing, faith in the results, the non-attachment to the results and the time it may take, not in relation to the results that the Universe makes available but in relation to the openness of heart that the person has to receive them, since many times the person desires a result but his anxiety, lack of faith, desperation that emanates negative emotions towards the Universe and the sense of not deserving prevent him from receiving what was requested by the client and granted by God through the intermediaries of the Light.

For several subjects, one session is enough. However, we recommend 3 sessions and obviously the need for more than 3 is not excluded. It will be the client who decides on the continuity to give to his treatment after each session according to what he feels, the improvements he observes. This allows the client to have greater freedom and consequently, greater responsibility in their process of evolution with Multidimensional Therapy.

For addiction situations, a daily Reiki practice (at least 2nd Level) is recommended to fill the void that the client feels and was trying to fill with the addiction (in food, sex, drugs, alcohol, gambling or other). The goal is to institute a constructive and positive habit that will give more pleasure and awareness at the same time. Meditation and Yoga are also 2 excellent options.

Distance Multidimensional Therapy

Distance Multidimensional Therapy

In cases of addiction, Multidimensional Therapy may help to clear negative memories from past lives or current life in childhood and adolescence that are lowering the client’s vibration and causing them to minimize their state of consciousness as a way of avoiding suffering.

Some situations that were attended to and can be resolved were:

  • 38-year-old woman was sexually abused by her father and later stepfather as a child and early teenager. As a way to mitigate the suffering of memories that cause her anger, deep sadness and lack of self-esteem, this woman chose the path of drugs. In this case, Multidimensional Therapy was used to work on Forgiveness and Compassion in relation to the people involved as well as a disidentification of the essence of the person in relation to the situation experienced and to his/her physical body, which results in the remembrance of the Infinite and Eternal Soul that inhabits physical body after physical body, incarnation after incarnation, and that cannot be harmed in what concerns its dignity. Memories were also cleared at the emotional level to result in a greater acceptance of the situation that has happened since it is impossible to change the past but, nevertheless, it is entirely convenient to resignify it, filling it with meaning in the midst of suffering always having as an objective the evolution of the Soul. Here, the client needed to be enlightened about Spiritual Laws such as Karma Law, Forgiveness Law, Non Attachment Law (especially to emotions and lived situations) among others as well as proposed a new paradigm that allows you not only to give up chemical substances but to look at yourself and life with a broader sense, true and optimistic.
  • he 24-year-old man chose the dangerous path of drugs to withstand the high pressure that his father, an alcoholic with an aggressive temper and author of episodes of physical and psychological violence exerted on his wife in a domestic context, imposes on him regarding the need to find a professional direction in his life. The father of this young man has a constant whip of criticism about his personality, showing contempt, disregard and negative expectations towards his son. In this case, Multidimensional Therapy focused on the client’s taking responsibility for his choices, harmonization of the relationship with his father after Forgiveness work. In this situation, positive daily reinforcement is usually necessary so that the young person does not fall into the same mistakes again.

The way Multidimensional Therapy works is very flexible and adapts to many different cases where the therapist together with the client will find the most relevant points to work on in each session.

In Multidimensional Therapy at a distance, the client on the date and time previously agreed with the therapist, will begin the interview in order to determine the points to be worked on during the session. Next, the client should lie down and relax. The client should not try to “help” the Beings of Light do their work. The best way to help is to do strictly nothing, including meditating. You should just relax and enjoy the subtle sensations that Multidimensional Therapy brings along the journey.

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Session duration: 1h15m
Exchange value: 35€

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