The Multidimensional Therapy consultations often count with the presence of various Masters and Beings of Light such as Sananda, Mother Mary, Archangel Michael, Master Adama, Master Kuthumi, El Morya, Saint Germain, Serapis Bey as well as the Beings of Light from Sirius and Orion whose energies vibrate in the 7th and 9th dimensions as well as Beings of Light from intra-terrestrial civilizations such as the Lemurians and the Atlanteans. These Beings of Light help us in several issues related to past lives and parallel lives that may involve acquired beliefs and unconscious programming that act as limiters to the exercise of our free will.

Too often, we become attached to personality traits that are not in the service of our Supreme Good and consider those same traits to be indissoluble since they have been with us for a long time or were even born with us. We ignore, with this, that these same personality traits represent an inheritance that we bring from past lives, for example, traumas that can be resolved in a session.

Past life progression and regression

During a Multidimensional Therapy consultation, some patients report spontaneously regressing to a past life that had the cause of their current suffering. Others report that Beings of Light have shown them fragments of their future life. In the latter case, it is worth noting that the future is not yet foreseen, being limited to an infinite set of possible parallel realities that at the current moment of progression may vary in terms of the probability rate of occurrence. A distinction must then be made between a certain event (100% probability) and a probable event (probability less than 100%).

Often, Beings of Light show patients a reality that is very likely to happen. Two reasons may be listed: one reflects the patient’s need to believe in a better future, which will give him/her more hope, even if, given current events and the limited awareness that we have of the patient’s current life situation, they have a reduced probability. The second reason is that it warns of the possible consequences of current behaviour.

Spiritual DNA Reprogramming

In a Multidimensional Therapy consultation, codes of abundance, health or spiritual potentialities may be reactivated that at the time the spirit incarnated, did not make sense and that could limit the experience that the Soul had chosen to experience.

Pernicious codes may also be cleared from magical attacks, curses, curses or any other related attacks involving the recoding of subtle DNA that have been perpetrated for evil purposes against the person’s will.

The Multidimensional Therapy consultations bring increased self-esteem, opening of the heart chakra, healing of traumas and phobias, increased self-confidence, cleansing of negative chips and implants, rebalancing of our feminine and masculine energy, healing and rescue of the inner-child, resolution of interstellar issues and desobsession work.

The Beings of Light act based on the energies of Unconditional Love, Forgiveness, Compassion and Peace to resolve conflicts in relationships at professional, social, family or affective level in order to achieve a healing at emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Similarly, situations in which the client has a low energy level can be resolved when the cause is due, for example, to a misaligned chakra.

The therapist’s multidimensional teams consult the client’s akashic records during the Multidimensional Therapy session in order to know when a certain negative event occurred in a past life of the person that is conditioning them, and transmute the emotional energy of the event, maintaining, obviously, the record of the situation so that the learning that was necessary to collect from that negative situation is maintained in later lives.

Multidimensional Therapy Consultations

Multidimensional Therapy Consultations

From session to session, Multidimensional Therapy will provide more peace and self-love by increasing the vibration of the client. This form of holistic approach can also be done at a distance and can be used to guide disembodied spirits who are attached to residences and who are having difficulty making the transition to the higher planes so that they can be healed and plan their next incarnation together with the Souls of their soul group and their mentors when they have already gone through the regeneration process.

To get a picture of Multidimensional Therapy, the reader should imagine a group of Beings of Light taking care of you while you relax on a comfortable couch or couch and listen to relaxing music. Meanwhile, the therapist is in a meditative state, sitting in a chair, focusing on his heart with eyes closed while feeling neutral love for his patient and emanating healing intention to him for about 50 minutes.

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Session duration: 1h15m
Exchange value: 35€

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