The best image one can get from Multidimensional Therapy has to do with the removal of old ways of thinking that are not in alignment with the New Earth and the deep feeling of inner peace that is achieved after each session.

Although various images of Multidimensional Therapy can be transmitted, the only and best way is to experience a session and witness for yourself the revolution that can happen in a person’s life. As a rule, the more unbalanced the person who does the session is, the greater results he will be able to experience in his life, since the difference between before and after is more easily observable.

For people with unbalanced mediumship, Multidimensional Therapy proves to be a great asset since it helps them tune in with their Higher Self and their life mission, helping them contemplate their current suffering under a new perspective more in line with the wisdom of the Masters of Light. Besides helping the mediums to reunite with themselves and with the divine Light, it joins them to the fulfillment of their purpose of using mediumship in favor of others, offering themselves and others great joys.

Multidimensional Therapy Image

Multidimensional Therapy Image

In the age of consciential rescue in which the inhabitants of our planet find themselves, this and other equally important therapies are serving as a means of ascension, acceleration of karmic rescue and becoming aware of our divinity.

Treatment after treatment, the client explores new levels of Being and Consciousness within himself, learning to free himself from emotional attachments to people and situations, climbing the evolutionary ladder and learning to recognize more and more God in himself and in others through the Unity Consciousness reached through the Heart – a unified chakra that serves the experience of reality from a point of view of Unity with All.

Various energies of negative vibration are being transmuted from, firstly, an inner process of acceptance of them since everything that exists has a purpose and, secondly, transmuted into positive energy, through Forgiveness and Compassion that is brought to us with the help of Violet Flame by beloved master Saint Germain compelling angers, fears and guilt to be transformed, emptying karmic baggage and filling the person with unconditional love and gratitude to the Universe.

Sometimes, with the karmic release that happens with the participation of various Masters of the Great White Brotherhood, some illnesses are alleviated with a consequent increase in energy and vitality, improved mood and general well-being.

The healing of love relationships marked by painful karmic ransoms, manifested in extreme passivity and emotional indifference, or yet, in the deleterious aggressiveness of harmony and union in a couple, takes particular attention of the Beings of Light since the relationships are essential to the evolution here on Earth and in other worlds as a guarantee of mutual learning of the Souls involved.

Beings of Light are giving insights These are, most of the times, true pearls of wisdom, small and simple in phrasal size, but full of meaning and depth, as well as debunking several blockages rooted in fears and guilt from past life experiences and parallel lives, which greatly limit the free expression of the Being in the present life.

For all this, Multidimensional Therapy can help you a lot.

Set up a session with us and come and discover your potential!

Session duration: 1h15m
Exchange value: 35€

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