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Multidimensional Therapy opens with the help of Beings of Light the doors to new healing possibilities based on the heart chakra – multidimensional portal located in the center of the breast of each   being. The guiding principle of this therapy follows the paradigm of Unity, the Perfect and Infinite One that is installed as the patient’s consciousness is awakened with each session. Healing is not   something independent of the patient’s consciousness but one of the patient’s reflexes. Multidimensional Therapy opens, with the permission given by the patient, the doors of Compassion and Forgiveness through which the patient gradually frees himself from the problems that affect him derived from his past mistakes and other people who relate to himself.

As the sessions progress, the patient should integrate into his/her life certain aspects of a thought model closer to the awareness of Unity that will allow you to increase your vibration through the ability to love yourself and others more, the ability to go understanding that some of the problems that arise in life are, in fact, sometimes challenges chosen by his own Soul when still in the Light, before reincarnating, to overcome, and consequently, become stronger, brighter, more experienced, compassionate and humble until freeing himself from the wheel of Samsara and proceeding to a new stage of evolution in which physical incarnations become only of their own will and not imposed by the imperative need to cleanse past karmas.

In multidimensional therapy,similar to what happens in Ascension Healing and other energy therapies, the therapist assumes himself as a channel of the Beings of Light and not as the originator of the cure itself since it comes from God (Brahma) and the Beings of Light act as His arms.
The book Autobiography of a Yogue by Paramahansa Yogananda perfectly illustrates this mechanism of healing channeling when a disciple of the great enlightened guru Lahiri Mahasaya asks him to cure him of his blindness. This episode is based as follows:

“(…) Ramu approached Lahiri Mahasaya timidly. The disciple was ashamed to ask for a physical well-being to join his immense spiritual wealth. “Master, he who illuminates the universe is in him. I ask you to bring His light to my eyes, so that I may perceive the brightness of the sun.”

The Master replied: “Ramu, has someone found a way to put me in a difficult position. I don’t have the power to heal.” Ramu then expressed himself in another way: “The Infinite Being that exists within you certainly has that power.” Lahiri Mahasaya agreed with the new wording: “What you are saying now is different, Ramu. In fact, for God there are no limits! He who lights the stars and cells of the body with the mysterious splendor of life can certainly bring the brightness of vision to his eyes.”

Both the patient and the multidimensional therapist must understand that the healing operated by the Beings of   Light comes from the Source, from the Father-Mother God, and this aspect is very creased in the teachings of   the Multidimensional Therapy Workshop to new multidimensional therapists. In any mechanism of spiritual healing, it is not the the spirit of the therapist who heals neither that of the Beings of Light, but the God who dwells in the patient, the therapist and the Beings of Light, and therefore the patient and the therapist must renounce expectations regarding the treatment results.

Session duration: 1h15m
Exchange value: 35€

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