Each session of Multidimensional Therapy brings different results to the life of each person according to the need of spiritual learning of each one in matter, according to his individuality, his reincarnation plan, the lessons that each one has to learn since each incarnated spirit is a different being, with different past lives.

Thus, the results of Multidimensional Therapy vary from person to person in unique ways. The client of Multidimensional Therapy can be sure that he receives in each session what he is prepared to receive according to his degree of acceptance and should therefore always be in a perspective of mental openness to what arises.

The results of Multidimensional Therapy are not guaranteed according to what the person wants but to what he needs at the spiritual level. Therefore, he may not have the instantaneous satisfaction (this means days or weeks) of the results from a tangible point of view but, on the other hand, On the other hand, he will have taken one more step towards achieving them by removing the obstacles that prevented their realisation, namely, lack of faith in himself, lack of faith in God, low self-esteem in the sense of not deserving something, karmic lessons that he has not yet learnt, lack of merit in the sense of not having made enough effort to achieve them, among various other factors.

Often, what the client desires already exists in higher dimensions but has not yet materialized due to too much expectation of results which constrains its appearance. Then, the Law of Non-attachment that Deepak Chopra tells us about in the book The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success erupts of necessary understanding to more easily achieve our petitions. We must never get attached to results.

The purpose of Multidimensional Therapy is service to the Soul and not the satisfaction of material desires if these are not aligned with the purpose of each incarnation as a divine commitment made by our Soul to itself (God). We should remember the wise words of St. Paul in his letter to the Corinthians: “All things are lawful for me, but not all things are expedient for me. Human beings count on the Law of Free Will to defend their freedom of action but also on the Law of Cause and Effect to ponder every wish, word and action. Thus, Multidimensional Therapy always ensures that the action of the Beings of Light is yoked to the ideals of spiritual evolution, helping to achieve the goals of each aligned with their Supreme Good.

Outcomes of Multidimensional Therapy

Outcomes of Multidimensional Therapy

This holistic therapy helps each client to get closer to their divine essence and the closer one gets to their divine essence, the more that person in turn will help others as the light in each one spreads like fire around us setting other hearts on fire with Peace, Light and Love.

The rescue of all the parts of us lost in the memory of time is one of the works that helps us first to unify ourselves and then, afterwards, to unify ourselves with others. In fact, we’ve never been apart. In reality, we have the illusion of separation and we only need to raise our vibratory pattern, recognize Oneness in the midst of duality and ascend through the recognition that we are perfectible parts of a Perfect Being in Itself who knows Itself and wants to give each of us the pleasure of knowing Itself.

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Session duration: 1h15m
Exchange value: 35€

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