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Multidimensional Therapy takes on purposes as diverse as:

  • opening of financial paths – opening of consciousness of the patient to flow greater creativity in relation to new forms of income
  • clean “gananciophobia” – term coined by His Holiness Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda to describe the fear that people have of becoming greedy when they start making money
  • clear thoughts of fear of losing money

    When the person is afraid of something and gives attention or focus to that fear is using in a counterproductive way the Law of Attraction that defines that everything in which we think materializes. Therefore, the person is attracting to his reality what he fears. This problem most often affects people who have had a childhood in which material scarcity has become present or whose parents have cultivated a mentality of scarcity rather than abundance.
    In certain situations of material loss, panic attacks are sometimes associated with panic attacks that are in some cases derived from memories of past lives in which material scarcity led, directly or indirectly, to a traumatic event for the Soul, for example, the loss of life, health, honor or dignity.
    Beings of Light increase the person’s awareness by making them have thoughts and feelings of gratitude and satisfaction about having money and making money by instilling ideas from them is a creative, innovative being, able to emit their ideas and rely on their success along the way.

  • clear thoughts of fear of not survival

    Again, the people with whom the Multidimensional Therapy patient lives and lives assume great importance when these people cultivate a mentality of scarcity based on premises such as “one must always play it safe”, “in life, one cannot have everything”, “who wants everything, everything loses”, “life costs dear to all” or “life is difficult for those who are soft”.

  • cleanup memories of poverty from past lives
  • clean up vows of poverty declared in past lives when the person belongs to a monastic order
  • to clear thoughts of an association of opposition between Spirituality and the material plane by replacing them with a higher consciousness based on complementarity and the Unity of “Everything is One. It all emana’s from one. Matter and Spirit are One. Money is divine energy.”
  • clear phobia of flying
  • to open ways in Spirituality

    Beings of Light can increase the extrasensory perception of the patient if he wishes and if this is convenient for his Soul according to the path chosen for the present incarnation.
    Likewise, Multidimensional Therapy serves to clear fear of the prejudice of close people (husband, wife, children, parents, co-workers) when the patient is starting his path in Spirituality as an energetic therapist or intends to follow some guru to meet and is facing resistance.

  • clean up anxiety and insecurity
  • open professional paths

    Beings of Light by stimulating the chakra of the third vision will contribute to a greater creativity of the patient in a business that he is undertaking or in his work on account of other.

  • clear stress
  • clean binge eating to ingest foods harmful to health and that can cause diabetes and hypertension. Sometimes the need to ingest sweets reveals an emotional deficiency. In this case, Beings of Light by increasing the person’s consciousness give him the perception of the need to fill his emotional void with self-love and gratitude for life.
  • ask the help of The Beings of Light for divine intervention in pending legal cases. In this case, beings of light will always act not according to the patient’s wishes but according to the Greater Plan and Divine Justice which includes the balance not only of this life but of all previous interactions of past lives with the person with whom there is a judicial conflict. They will also take into account the lessons to be learned arising from the situation in which the person is. Beings of Light do not solve situations without all parties involved having learned the respective lessons with which they have committed themselves in their plan of incarnation before God, their guides and the Karmic Council.
  • help make decisions

    For example, if you should stay in a country or change for professional, loving, social or legal reasons, whether you should stay in a relationship or end it or you should still stay in a job or resign, in this case, it is the patient who keeps the answer within you. Beings of Light will only clear it so that the person can make the decision without feeling so guilty of the factors contrary to it. Therefore, Multidimensional Therapy helps the person to take greater responsibility for his decisions on the one hand and on the other gives him greater freedom due to the increased awareness with which the person is after the session and the notion of him is only walking a path and experiencing situations evolving along them. Depending on your state of consciousness and not on the situations themselves, the person discovers that they can be happy.

  • spiritual cleansing of the house

    Beings of Light can address the patient’s dwelling, indoctrinate the disincarnated spirits in the dwelling, and direct them to the Light

  • improve aspects of the affective relationship

    Sometimes the patient’s love life becomes monotonous and routine and the patient or his/her partner may become unaffectionate. In this case, the Beings of Light remind the person of the power of gratitude for the relationship, for life, instigating them to do new things, to take new paths, making new discoveries, new journeys, appearing in new social environments or discovering new interests. Sometimes the problem is not in the relationship but in the very lack of passion for life. In other cases, the situation in which the partner or patient was injured in the current relationship or in past relationships can also occur, and this resulted in a small trauma, a resistance to feeling, the fear of being hurt again.

  • increase optimism and joy of living
  • increase gratitude for life
  • clean up phobias of dogs and cats
  • clean up memories of past lives that are in the cause of phobias
  • spiritual cleansing of family members to the extent that the Soul is authorized of these
  • harmonize relationship with former companions
  • rescue of personal power
  • overcome feelings of guilt
  • magic cleaning
  • referral of obsessives
  • help overcome feelings of loss of loved ones

    Sometimes the feeling of longing that remains in the chest of the incarnated in relation to their loved ones who have made the transition to the spiritual dimension of life causes them the unconscious will to remain with those who love and have left. This longing sometimes causes the patient to fall into the error of invoking the name of his deceased with emotion which, of course, will cause them to return to him, in a eagerness to calm them down. As the disincarnated can no longer do anything about their transition, they begin to lean against their loved ones who have invoked them in the hope of making them feel that life continues on the other side of the veil and that they remain alive, although, without a physical body, in some way and are reluctant, even when their guide advises them to leave, to leave the plane of matter and move to a higher dimension so that they can be treated and healed in hospitals or clinics of the higher spiritual plane and thus slowly recover their energy damaged by the body density of yet another incarnation on Earth.
    The aura of the disincarnated is commonly toxic to the aura of the incarnated when the former have not yet cleaned themselves in the clinics of the superior spiritual plane of their energy damaged by their diseases, especially those that caused them death. If the disincarnated touches the incarnate, that is, begins to obsidiatit it, the latter can begin to smell the frequent smell of his loved one, begin to reveal the same personality traits, the same interests, the same way of walking, of moving the body, the same expressions of face and even the same symptoms of his diseases and his vices.
    For all this, the best attitude to have towards your disembodied loved one is gratitude for the moments you have spent together and lessons that you learn while remaining firm in the certainty of always have been, are and will be One from a state of consciousness of Unity and that separation, in reality, is an illusion created by the state of consciousness of Duality. Thus, Beings of Light, in the context of Multidimensional Therapy, help to replace the feeling of revolt against God (since it is not God who chooses the height of the disflesh of a Soul but the Soul itself, through its Free Will, even before its birth in a new body) or, furthermore, the feeling of revolt against one’s own loved one as in the case where the patient considers that the disemfurther was an attitude of selfishness and abandonment on the part of his loved one in relation to the first.

  • clean up concerns with others when these concerns prevent the patient from performing as a human being and fulfilling his plan of incarnation
  • raise awareness about dreams – some dreams bring very important messages of the spiritual plane that contain the solution of certain problems that the patient is going through
  • open loving paths
  • cleanse feelings of frustration by replacing them with feelings of gratitude and acceptance
  • help overcome the “dark night of the soul”

    Sometimes the patient is at a real standstill in his life. You are in a situation where you no longer want the situation you are in, that is, you no longer identify with your current love relationship or profession, but you still don’t know what the love relationship or profession would make you feel complete. This is a period of great spiritual development in which the patient has the notion that his life is perfectly still, analyzing on a superficial level, although in reality, on a deeper level of his being, at the level of the Soul, a great change is being prepared, a great transformation. Multidimensional Therapy helps the patient better accept the transformation that is taking place in his life giving him greater acceptance in relation to his need for time to understand his new Me under construction.

Session duration: 1h15m
Exchange value: 35€

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