If you are from the beautiful city of Coimbra, come learn with Paulo Nogueira to facilitate sessions of Multidimensional Therapy in the Multidimensional Therapy Course in the space Magali Thera Spa in Torres Novas!

Multidimensional Therapy in Coimbra

Multidimensional Therapy in Coimbra

For the inhabitants of Arganil, Cantanhede, Coimbra, Condeixa-a-Nova, Figueira da Foz, Góis, Lousã, Mira, Miranda do Corvo, Montemor-o-Velho, Oliveira do Hospital, Pampilhosa da Serra, Penacova, Penela, Soure, Tábua and Vila Nova de Poiares, Paulo Nogueira trains multidimensional therapists who will help to spread Love and Light in the hearts of all who need it.

Come learn with us how to awaken the potentiality of your double (subtle body activated by receiving the Heart Opening Initiation by Master Sanada) to heal your inner child and all those who seek you to raise their vibration and love themselves more.

Through the course, the reader will learn to understand the importance of karmic ties that bind one person to another as well as the possibility of terminating them if lessons have been learned in the meantime. You will learn to clear patterns of behavior that come to you from previous lives and that limit you to experience the current incarnation with greater grace and freedom.

The course participant will learn to understand the origin of the traumas and the cleansing of these traumas is a task that will concern only his double and the team of Beings of Light working with the therapist.

Participating in the Multidimensional Therapy workshop will help you recognize your Divinity and tune into your Higher Self and Beings of Light, activating parts of your spiritual DNA and retrieving lost parts of your original Self.

After each session, the client feels more and more peace, serenity, well-being and inner joy and on rare occasions the therapist is aware of the work that took place during the session.

Several blockages are being cleared in each session, the chakras are harmonized and, if they exist, obsessors that accompany the person for some reason (strong emotional attachment such as anger, revenge, passion or jealousy) will be indoctrinated by the Beings of Light and sent to hospitals and clinics of the spiritual plane in order to be treated and, later, reconducted to a new reincarnation to pay off previous karmic debts. Are also transmuted negative emotional energies such as jealousy, grief, anger, anguish, hopelessness among others.

During the course, Paulo Nogueira will approach the spells as a form of atonement in the service of the Law of Cause and Effect and the beneficial action of the Forgiveness of the “victim” to the mandator of the magic as well as the executor of it. Paulo Nogueira will address the question of the multidimensionality of the Universe, making the respective analogy whenever possible with Physics in order to sustain the connection between Spirituality and Science.

Rescues in the Threshold (which Catholics commonly call limbo or purgatory) and the dangers to which the Beings of Light who work there risk themselves for love, to save those who have fallen into the hands and minds of perverse spirits who temporarily try to impose themselves on the Law of Progress and the Law of Reincarnation will also be discussed.

Set up a session with us and come and discover your potential!

Session duration: 1h15m
Exchange value: 35€

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