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Multidimensional Therapy is one of the most powerful and flexible energy therapies available today. This therapy is performed by the Beings of Light of Sirius and Orion in conjunction with the Ascended Masters, with the Archangels, Angels, and Cherubim.

It can be used to treat generalized anxiety or in specific situations such as fear of driving as it allows, for example, the dissolution of trauma scans of road accidents in childhood, adolescence or adulthood. Multidimensional Therapy is also used to treat panic attacks which are characterized by sudden difficulty breathing, fast heartbeat, and feeling of imminent death.

It is used to bring more balance to people diagnosed with bipolarity by never without it, however, as evident, the maintenance of regular consultations with a specialist suitable for the clinical case, for example, a psychiatrist, if necessary.

Clearing irrational fears such as the fear that someone close to someone (a child, mother, partner, or other family member) will die briefly even though someone does not have behaviors that indicate it or are in a state that such an outcome will occur relatively briefly (less than a year, for example).

Clean sea relationships with a partner – situations in which they have ended one or more times but always return to be together until they solve the pending karma, that is, become aware of something. We must remember that karma is not divine punishment but the Law of Action/Reaction in operation and that it is not suffering that solves karma but the learning of divine laws.

Multidimensional Therapy also allows the termination of pacts made in past lives with umbraline frequency entities in exchange for power, money and sex among others. In the Light, pacts are never made with whatever entity, energy or consciousness is. In the Light, there is no obligation to worship whatever entity or divinity is in exchange for whatever it is. On the other hand, the famous phrase “Ask and receive” applies not to the satisfaction of the desires of the human ego but to the satisfaction of the soul’s aspirations provided that it is in line with the Divine Laws and their spiritual evolution.

Multidimensional Therapy also serves the purpose of cleaning up feelings of guilt in relation to past situations that contribute nothing to the person becoming better but that only lowers the frequency of vibration hindering his reunion with the Divine. Guilt has been used for centuries as an instrument at the service of power by religions and sects to control the human being internally by default of knowing whether or not that this was a frequency that lowered their vibration leading them to full lives of low self-esteem, disconnected from their divine power and personal authority. Multidimensional Therapy comes with beings of light rescuing their divine place.

An example of a case where Multidimensional Therapy helps with regard to love situations is:

A 32-year-old patient who had been in a relationship for a year with a partner of another nationality had been asked to marry her partner, who appeared to be deeply in love with her own asking her girlfriend to move to the country from which she is born to live together. However, just 2 days after they are already living together after she accepted the proposal, she has a panic attack at night and completely changes her behavior from that event, not even knowing how to explain to her companion. From this event, the companion assumes an absent personality.

The partner had traumas from previous love relationships and feared commitment to the unconscious level due to past sufferings, although consciously desired him greatly. that the Beings of Light can do in this case will harmonize the relationship of the two and clear traumatic memories of the companion who is not present in the session if his Higher I authorizes it. The Higher I of the people involved in a given situation and who are not present in multidimensional therapy always need to give the authorization so that the Beings of Light can act in such a way as not to harm the Law of Free Will.

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