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Welcome to the Holistic Therapist Course!
But first of all, what is a holistic therapist? A holistic therapist is a professional who considers the human being as an integrated whole, that is, he is dedicated to holistic healing, that is, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. Currently, there are on the market various holistic therapies, that is, techniques that are intended to heal the whole of the person, and not only the physical symptoms, which have their cause at higher levels.

For example, karma (spiritual cause) can bring, for the individual in the current incarnation, a pattern of misadjusted thinking (mental cause) of the higher values of Spirituality, which will provoke certain negative emotions (emotional cause) and, depending on the intensity and duration of negative emotion, can provoke a psychosomatic disease (physical cause) that is expressed through various physical symptoms.

That’s the basis of a human being’s problems. There are problems that have spiritual root, others mental, others emotional and, others, only physical. An example of a purely physical problem will be, for example, an injury during a football match.


The following example elucidates how a spiritual problem can result in a physical illness: consider a person suffering from a liver problem. Suppose that person, in particular, had a life spent on the territory of present-day Romania in the 19th century. XII, in which he was a man, the son of wealthy parents and brother of a very ambitious lawyer who claimed his life, right after his parents had passed away, making him take over the inheritance entirely

Later, when he provided himself, the Soul of this man and the Soul of his brother, the former lawyer, made a contract with a view to the remission of karma. This contract stipulated that they would belong to the same family and that the once ambitious fraticida lawyer would be the father, in this present life, of his former brother. Despite the archiving of memories of past lives that operates at birth in a new body, memories are not extinguished, but remain present at a subconscious level and can, including, be accessed by various techniques, including memory regression and other therapies of past lives (DVT). This implies that although the brother does not consciously remember what his current father did to him by subtracting his life from inheritance issues in a past life, he will feel in this current incarnation, an anger, apparently inexplicable to the laity in Spirituality, associated with the unconscious fear that the father wants to kill him, or at least, who envies their material possessions and wishes to own them.

These thoughts of deep mistrust of your parent are the mental cause, and the feeling of anger and fear is the result of that cause. This result turns out to be the emotional cause of physical ailments that will be processed at the level of liver functioning in the form of, for example, nodules.

If the cause of nodules in the liver is only physical, it can be treated only the physical part and change the conditions that gave rise to it, namely changes in food, replacement of certain medicines by others with fewer side effects to the liver, among others and probably the disease will not return. If, however, the cause is at a higher level, that is, at the emotional level, it will also be necessary to identify the emotional causes that cause harmful changes in the body.

Energy service

Then, it will be necessary to identify the beliefs that evoke these negative feelings and emotions and, later, the situations of past lives that need to be made conscious and healed through forgiveness. At this level, the treatment can then truly be called holistic.

Therefore, several therapies can be considered holistic and their practitioners, called holistic therapists.

To become a holistic therapist, you will need to take a course or training of one or more holistic therapies, currently available on the market: Magnified Healing®, Reconnective Healing®, Tibetan Cups, Traditional Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Phytotherapy, Bach Florals, Saint Germain Florals, Past Lives Therapy, Aura Reading Therapy, Akashic Records Reading, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Quantum Medicine, Minghlet, Ascension Healing,Stellar Quantum Healing, Multidimensional Therapy, Multidimensional Arcturian Healing System, Arctupedian Healing, Shamballa Reiki, Vortex Healing, ETF (Emotional Freedom Technique), Access Bars, Theta Healing among many others.

To become a holistic therapist, you must first of all have a passion for personal development, self-knowledge and evolution at all levels of a human being’s life. If this condition is already satisfied, and becoming a holistic therapist is your greatest desire, then you can move on to the second step of attending one or more holistic therapy courses. Naturally, you will attend that course with which you feel connected and see yourself making calls of the same to other people.

The courses currently available on the market generally have all the information you need to start working the day after the course. In fact, all the courses we teach, in person or at a distance, have this same goal – the future therapist, soon after, the end of the course, can begin to teach therapies at a distance or in a face-to-face mode.

These are the courses we teach, either remotely and in person:

In the case of choosing distance training, the future therapist does not even have to leave home. All courses have manual and certificate.

The next question is: where will you work?

The future holistic therapist has 5 options:

  1. rent a therapy room for a given period (hour, day or month) in a space of alternative therapies, in a clinic, in an aesthetic office or in a spa. This room will serve as a space where your services will take place. In general, the necessary and indispensable furniture for this room is a marquise (if the chosen therapy implies that the client has to lie down), two chairs and a table where he can put his work objects, which may include, for example, a deck of Tarot, a pendulum, incense, candles, figures and portraits of the deities with which he works, a radio table, crystals and other utensils necessary for its practice.
  2. create your own space of alternative therapies if you want to invest in a larger business which will allow you to monetize the space by renting the rooms available to other therapists and holistic trainers
  3. adapt an empty room you have in your home to turn into a therapy room. This is an option used by more than 50% of therapists today as it implies a minimal investment and preferred by those who manage to reconcile their family life with their professional life as holistic therapists, without even the family that inhabits the house or the clients are disturbed.
  4. make home visits. In this case, some therapies require a marchiofee, so you will need to transport one in your vehicle when you go to your client’s home. This option is also quite useful since the therapist does not need to have his own physical space to administer the therapy to his client
  5. make online queries via Zoom, Skype, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, phone or other means of electronic communication. This option is quite popular since it does not require the therapist to have his own space of therapies, or that the therapist has to go to the client’s home or that the client has to go to the therapist’s work space. This option is well indicated for holistic spiritual and energetic therapies that do not imply physical contact with the client or the physical presence of the client.
    From the point of view of the avoidance of contagions by infectious diseases, it is also highly recommended in the case of the presence of some infectious pathogen, such as a virus.
    The biggest advantage of the online modality is, however, that the range of customers you can find across borders is much higher than you would find if you only had the national market. The vision of a holistic therapist today should be as global as possible. The world is a global village and should, with the Internet, seek to reach as many clients as possible in every corner of the world as long as the therapist dominates your client’s language.

Given that, nowadays, practically all potential clients of the future holistic therapist have internet connection, the future therapist, even if he does not have the possibility of the first 4 options, always has option 5 available: to do his therapies at a distance.

All the courses that we offer online that will train you as a holistic therapist, can be held in person, in our space in Lisbon:

Any of them will make you able to facilitate therapies to yourself and others, remotely or in person, receiving the certificate and manual at the end of training and can always count on the support of the trainer for any doubt after training, via phone or WhatsApp.

A Holistic Therapy Course is what you need to:

  • work on your own by setting your own working hours
  • evolve and evolve other people as the holistic therapist learns something new with every care she teaches

Choose the course from among the above that most resonance does with you and contact.

In a few days, you may already be following the career of your dreams, being happy and making other people happy!

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