Initiation of Illusion Dissipation

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The Initiation of the Dissipation of Illusion, originated by Archangel Michael, brings to the beginning of the Ascension Healing Course the ability to recognize itself beyond the illusions that his ego was creating and feeding throughout life. This initiation shows the truth inside the participant.

This initiation was received by me during a course i attended in 2017, in the Lotus Moon space, in Porto. The energy of the course was very high that day, and it was this collective elevation that allowed to tune more effectively with the energy of Miguel that was present in the course. Thus, I owe gratitude to the group for its connection, good disposition and fraternal love, which was really the main ingredient that catalyzed the receipt of this initiation, when less expected, as usual, already happened with other conduits. In fact, I don’t get them when I want to, but when I’m tuned in and the group’s energy allows it.

In how many aspects of our lives do we still maintain the illusion that happiness will bring us happiness, but that in reality they only contribute to consuming time and resources, and are not the best for us, from the point of view of spiritual evolution and happiness, insisting us to pursue these illusions, as if they depended on the meaning of the existence of our life?

Common examples of illusions:

  • a particular loving relationship that we think will save us?
  • employment that will give us a meaning of contribution to society?
  • a child who will give meaning to the life of the father/mother and who will save him from loneliness later?
  • that quiet villa of bucolic beauty in the countryside that will save us from the hectic and stressful life in the big city?
  • keep an old friendship with someone because we believe it will be useful to us later?
  • move to that country that will bring us new and great possibilities of social and professional ascension?
  • move to that new professional area because we believe it will fill us more than the current one?
  • move from the dating phase to the marriage phase, in the current love relationship, because we believe that this will improve our social status towards others?

Who are we, after all, without our illusions? If we undress them, what’s left anyway? What’s really important? What are we really looking for? Will realizing these illusions bring us closer to our real Self, or on the contrary, we will experience the unpleasant taste of disillusionment, which we will try as soon as possible, camouflage ourselves with the next illusion, so that we never have to face ourselves, and always live with the feeling that we have something to seek abroad – relationships, children, employment, career, goods, social status – more important than ourselves.

Is the loving relationship we have at this point true? Is the job we keep real? Is the company we run real? Is our relationship with God true? Is the relationship with us true? To see the truth, we need courage. Immense ascension healing consultations are spent helping the client to have the courage to realize that what he seeks and suffers for not yet performed, when he has accomplished, will not necessarily bring him the happiness he expected. Why waste a lifetime looking for windmills like Don Quixote? Just because illusions give us a false sense of hope and meaning in life? Immense difficulty that the human being faces in his life, would not have to face them if, before he began to pursue his illusions, he did an introspective work of analyzing what he really felt as being true within himself, and distinguished from the expectations that others (family, friends and society in general) had for him, and these others are also affected by the same evil.

During this initiation of the dissipation of illusion, Archangel Michael will anchor in us, an energy that in the days following the course, will help us to see the truth of who we are in our lives, and who we have been camouflaged with our illusions.

Whoever is not prepared for the truth within you, do not make this initiation!

After this initiation, the students begin to realize that there are objectives that they had before the course that were illusory and that, after the course, they naturally cease to make sense of them, because they begin to have the perception of what they really were looking for behind that goal and that, very commonly, what they were looking for was already in themselves, just looking inside.

Prior to this initiation, students are invited to analyze themselves introspectively to discover the illusions they keep within themselves. Thus, in the days following the course, many of them will realize that those objectives they have maintained for years, no longer make sense to them and, in a natural way, abandon them, going on to dedicate themselves only those they feel within themselves, as being authentically derived from their Soul.

This initiation, in addition to departing from our mind, the illusions we were we were we dearly perseguously perseguously, lifts the veil, before our conscious, of what our Soul had planned for us, for this incarnation.

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