The posture or attitude of the Multidimensional Therapy facilitator assumes great relevance when it comes to the expectations of the client of this therapy.
Several situations can be analyzed:

Predicting the future

It is up to the therapist to explain to the client that Multidimensional Therapy cannot predict the future, since there are several parallel lines of possible futures with different probabilities of occurrence, i.e., some futures are more probable and others less probable, depending on various factors. Some of these factors, depend on the beliefs the client holds after the session and the attitudes they take. Other factors, in fact, are not in the dependence of the client.

Unless the therapist is armed with other ancillary tools to help him/her get the path of highest probability of occurrence (not a determined future), Multidimensional Therapy is only for treatment of various situations set out in the article “Multidimensional Therapy – how it works” and not for divinatory purposes. Some of these ancillary tools may include the Tarot, the runes, the pendulum or the simple intuition of the therapist, or even, in the case of the therapist being a clairaudient medium with a more ostentatiousmediumship, you can simply ask your spiritual guide/mentor or the Beings of Light of your Multidimensional Therapy team and they will answer you always bearing in mind that the answer will tend to be a positive recommendation or advice.

Always bearing in mind that this is merely a recommendation or advice and not a prophecy, this information that will be conveyed by the therapist to his client should not cause any infringement of the Law of Free Will since its acceptance or rejection is the sole concern of the client.

The future is really in the hands of each person according to what he sows in the present and also reaps from the sowing of his past.

Helps in the transmutation of karma

The Beings of Light do not cleanse a karma specific client without the client having learned the lesson underlying that karma. Learning the lesson does not necessarily imply suffering on the part of the client. unless he consciously or unconsciously believes that he needs to suffer in order to evolve. However, they do something much better. The Beings of Light raise the client’s consciousness to Unity consciousness so that they can more easily understand the cause of their sufferings and thus accept them first, alleviate them second and dissolve them third. Karma is transmuted with the energy of Forgiveness and Compassion. The Beings of Light will remove from the client’s subtle bodies, various negative feeling-forms and thought-forms that are preventing them from raising their vibration to a more loving consciousness in which it is easier, in that positive mental and emotional state, to access the ability to forgive and self-forgive, which is ultimately what will extinguish a specifickarma.

Thus, we can conclude that the cleansing of karma is not a magical or mystical act on the part of the Beings of Light, but rather, a cleansing of disharmonic energies that will be uncoupled from your subtle bodies as well as the removal of chips and implants that are lowering your vibratory frequency, referral of obsessors after their indoctrination by the Beings of Light and, of course, the indoctrination of the client himself in more subtle realities to make him understand about the importance of letting go of old hurts as well as beliefs that are not helping him to be happy.

The therapist should retain humility

The therapist should refrain from the spiritual pride that can come from his relationship with the Beings of Light and should remember that he, his client and all living beings are part of the One and that all are equally important and divine, that is, although they are a drop of water in an ocean, they are also the ocean itself.