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means the consequence of thought, emotion, feeling, word and act, with or without conscience, of a being endowed with free will, for example, a human being.



We can therefore conclude that irrational animals do not need to pay karma since they do not have free will since they are not yet endowed with intellect capable of discerning between positive action and negative action. It would obviously be unfair for a lioness in the African savannah to kill a zebra to feed on, producing karma since it does not possess a mind that allows it to measure between good and evil but only its primitive and inborn instinct of survival.

Reason or intellect brings to the human being a great freedom, namely to dominate the environment in which he lives. Of course, with this freedom comes a great responsibility. The Law of Karma is precisely the divine law created by God that defines the moral responsibility of each one in everything that everyone thinks, feels, says or does.

Without free will could not exist karma,since if the human being was not free to choose his thoughts, emotions, feelings, words or acts as in the case where a third will forces him to experience something terminally and without any possibility of offering opposition, it would result that he could not be held responsible.

This, however, does not happen since the human being has free will.

Thus, the Law of Karma stems from the existence of the Law of Free Will.

The Law of Karma has two supreme objectives:

Ensure the global balance of the Universe. We should remember Newton’s 3rd Law: “There is always an opposite reaction of equal intensity.” All moral debt will have to be repaid. We should also remember the teaching of the great apostle St Paul: “sowing is optional but harvesting is obligatory.”

2nd Learning by the Law of Reincarnation

We returned in 150, 200, 400, 700 incarnations or more to have the renewed opportunity to learn, reaking what we sowe dwed in the past, in a past life, 40, 300, 5000 or even 110,000 years ago in the Paleolithic era. The return to Earth in a new incarnation is born of the divine compassion for which we should be grateful. However, this is not the case with most human beings, who exasperate themselves in the endless pursuit of happiness according to worldly ideals and take time in the chains of a portion of karma that inherit from the past while sometimes additionally creating yet another that binds them to the future to new torments.

Where are we going to reap our karma?

Karma as a harvest of what we have planted, whether incarnated or disembodied, we receive at the end of each incarnation, in a softer or more violent way, according to the severity of our mistakes as well as in a new reincarnation of return to corporeal life. Depending on the divine will which is inexorably linked to our merit, after the permanent shutdown of our perispirit to our carnal vehicle (physical body), we can be in a better or worse situation, varying the particular cases of each spirit after the unflesh to infinity.

Thus, there are cases of spirits that will continue in the earth’s crust, although disembodied, with their relatives and loved ones still incarnated trying to solve outstanding matters without the termination of which they will not yet be allowed to enter one of the many cities of Light that orbit the planet Earth, although stationary. This means that they maintain their relative position in relation to the planet. Thus, for example, the city of light of Lis-Fatima is always in the area of Fatima. Catholics designate these cities of Light in the intermediate regions of the upper astral plane of “heaven” or “paradise” and it must be safeguarded, however, that the “heaven” or “paradise” refers in a comprehensive way to the higher dimensions.

There are cases of another large number of spirits, after disflesh, stay in the Umbral which is called “purgatory” by Catholics.

The Umbral consists of a dimension of the astral plane, parallel to the physical plane, inhabited by disembodied spirits in an emotional and mental purge process, which consists of negative forms-thought and forms-feelings, dispatched, according to the second, by the population of incarnated and disembodied.

Depending on the state of consciousness and the religious, philosophical and cultural beliefs of the spirits that are there, they may claim that they are in hell although hell is actually no more than Umbral himself. The state and inner visions of each spirit in the purgatory zone vary according to their negative emotions that they have accumulated in life such as anger, fear, guilt, remorse, feeling of injustice, victimization, fulfilled or unfulfilled lust, jealousy, unbridled passions, envy among others as well as their beliefs.

Thus, for example, a person who, in life, has believed in the concept of devil, demon or Satan given that he inherited this concept from the Catholic religion or another who has conditioned his followers to believe in the existence of such a character, when he is in the Umbral, in a state of emotional imbalance caused by one of the immense negative emotions that he has nourished throughout his life, one can really believe in front of this same character, since he will be projecting this negative form-thought and experiencing it as if it were real. In fact, Satan is a character invented since time immemorial, arising from paganism thousands of years ago and which was inherited by Judaism, Christianity among some other religions to symbolize the power of darkness.

With the help of fear linked to images of various artists who represented this grotesque character, humanity adopted this imaginary figure of the Devil as a real entity. In reality, the Devil or Satan never existed but in the paintings of famous artists and in the popular imagination.

We can observe a true case reported in the book Action and Reaction psychographed by the medium Chico Xavier of the spirit André Luiz in chapter 4 – Some newly disembodied:

“Like the one that was rooted in his brain, he saw escape from the intimate field the animalistic figure of a large, long-tailed man, with the physiognomy of a degenerate goat, displaying feet in the form of claws and sporting two horns, sitting in a cumshot chair, which if it lived in perfect symbiosis with the unfortunate creature, in mutual immanization.”

In this passage, André Luíz visiting the lower regions (Umbral) recorded the case of the spirit of a lady, soured in deep remorse, who had denied, in life, help to her mother, abandoning her to poverty.

This newly disembodied lady was still reliving the reminiscences of remorse at the time of death, so without realizing that she was already in the Umbral, she was still crying out for the presence of a priest to confess before she died since her faith was that of the Roman Catholic Church. We can see that in this case, like that of millions of people who die and who do not immediately realize that they are already on the other side of the veil, as they continue to project the same thoughts they had in life. These spirits do not realize that they have already made the passage and that they have abandoned their physical body since their perispiritual body is equal to the physical body.

The spirit of this lady cried out for the presence of a priest to give her the extreme anointion… Having confused the assistant of a house of assistance to unhappy spirits in the areas of the Umbralinas with the priest she so longed for at the time of death, she began to confess her sad history and the reason for such anguish.

In life, her mother had been an actress who abandoned her promising career to provide material support to this daughter at the time of her birth, having given up the festive adornments of her artistic career to embrace the rude work of the domestic problems with which she would earn the bread of each day since her companion had decided to abandon her in order to escape her responsibilities as chief provider of family. However, when she became a young adult, she collected a great deal of a handout that her father had bestowed upon her and married a handsome man. Ashamed of her humble mother who had worked so hard for her, she drove her out of the house, relegating her to extreme poverty with fear that her vanity husband would discover her poor origin.

To this end, she decided to slander her own mother by saying that she was a thief who had stolen her at birth, leaving her mother in tears. This image would be carried by the spirit, now disembodied in the Umbral, as a form of atonement. This is one of many ways how karma manifests itself in the sense of being a consequence of an attitude. Obviously karma doesn’t end there. Later, when it is time for a new reincarnation, this spirit will be invited by your guide to make an energy agreement or karmic contract with your creditor to be able to learn, while incarnated, what made your former mother suffer in order to understand both sides of the same lesson, that is, playing in one life the role of villain and in the other that of victim.

Silas, the noble assistant, explains in this chapter that the spirit jungido to remorse, sees his mental faculties stagnate in this feeling, which cassette player, continuously playing the same song… The spirit in this state is unconscious, wrapped in the emotion of guilt, temporarily unable to leave the mental condition of atonement in which it finds itself.

In the face of error, disembodied consciousness enters into a state of reflection of the most serious crimes committed in life, producing illusions for itself, in a process of self-atonement.

Thus, a disembodied Catholic with a mind full of remorse and guilt of his crimes can create the illusion of seeing himself before Satan, the figure who most abominates.

Already a spirit of an atheist, not a believer in the religious idea of Satan, will create other equally ghostly illusions, even different from those of the Catholic believer, which will not be less terrifying, being proportional to the severity of the infractions to the Divine Laws.

Thus, each disembodied spirit, regardless of their beliefs or absence of beliefs, when in the Umbral, produces illusions based on their greatest fears, which although for those who observe them from outside, are only mental creations derived from their subjectivity. For those who experience them within their own mind, they are taken as real and absolutely objective.

For this reason, karma does not exist only for those who believe in karma. The Law of Karma is divine law created by God and reaches everyone to the sowing measure of each.

André Luiz denotes surprise when on the objective side of those who lurk the sick mind of a spirit disturbed by the remorse of their faults, realizes when the mental analysis that makes the poor lady, the horrifying thoughts that affect her and that are constituted according to their belief system. The unfortunate is judged before the demon Belphegor (demon of laziness and considered in demonology as one of the 7 princes who rule Hell). If it were Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu or atheist rather than Roman Catholic, i would imagine, eventually another equally malevolent entity. The mental image that affects her is fueled by the illustrations she absorbed by the senses from the books she read, the images and sculptures that most impressed her mind.

So every time we watch a horror movie like The Exorcist, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, The Exorcist 2, The Exorcist 3, The Ritual, Paranormal Activity, the Haunted Mansion among others, we visualize paintings by artists who depict images of demons devouring men or read books of sorcery, of course, we are impressing at the subconscious level, our mind with deeply negative images, which will be summing up from our database of the set of impressions gathered by the senses, aligned with a certain negative feeling, when we are in the process of atonement in umbral.

We are, therefore, the ones who feed our minds with images that impress us, that stimulate us strong emotions, that incite us adrenaline in a movie theater when we see a horror movie, that we deride ourselves in sharing these same images on social networks in order to also impress other minds, that we are feeding the database from which will be extracted the images lived by our feelings of remorse, when we are in the process of atonement in Umbral. We will reap what we sowe in our minds.

In the same way that the material that constitutes nightmares as well as the hallucinations that are induced with the consumption of certain hallucinogenic drugs, is taken from our subconscious, also from our subconscious will be extracted the images that will cause us dread when we are in the state of mental disturbance after the disemour. For some, this state can last for days, for other months, in other years and in some other decades and, in an extremely small number, centuries even, for those who have been responsible for numerous murders, multiple offenses to divine laws, bear guilty of crimes especially heinous and carried out with deliberate perversity.

We should not, likewise, miss that some perverse entities, inhabitants of the umbraline areas, will take advantage of the credulity and religious beliefs of some wandering brothers of umbral to be pleased to interpret the characters they feared so much in life in order to impress them vitality and be pleased with the dread of these, now victims, but in life, the villains of their peers.

Thus, though in fact, Belphegor, Astaroth, Belial, Satan and other demons never existed only in the popular myths that have been passed over millennia and hundreds of generations, existing in virtually all cultures of humanity, fueled by the ideas of the practice of black magic among other evil arts, in times of ignorance, where most scholars came from the clergy class, which depended financially on much of the feeling of widespread fear to maintain power over the people and over the privileged classes, this does not mean that there are not tens and hundreds of thousands of umbraline entities who take advantage of the credulity of the newly disembodied, newcomers to the lower zones, who will enslave some and have fun at the expense of others, assuming false identities of bestialized figures, with the perverse intention of feeding their finestness of wickedness, responding as if they were, in fact, these demons.

Thus, as stated, in a certain part, one of André Luiz’s instructors in the book Ação e Ação:

“God corrects evil with evil.”

The true example of this lady who suffers in the Umbral under the observation of assistant Silas, André Luiz and his colleague Hilary, visiting the umbraline regions, colloquially designated as valley of the shadows, represents the consequence of the weak and unvigilant minds in life, stumily misdeed in spiritual ignorance, who absorb the mental clichés that witchcraft and the churches of various denominations propagate about Satan and his demons, using the pretext of wanting to fight them when what they are actually doing is simply impressing the minds of their faithful and followers, some of them, young children, with no ability to discern the real from the unreal, inculcating their fears that will accompany them to the grave and even after it.

There will be no shortage of perverse entities in the Umbral that will express a smile of Jocker Face, at the arrival of the new neighbors of misadventure, transfiguring themselves in the frightening costumes in which they believe and that are stamped on the perispirit through mental emanations that are perceived by any disembodied. It is in fact that, once disembodied, every spirit knows all the actions that another has performed since these images are projected by the guilty consciousness in its own perispirit, like a backprojector that projects the images of the slides on a white board. For the same reason, we find in the Umbral, immense phalanxes of spirits that givedejam, vociferers, accurate accusations … How could they know of one’s faults?

It turns out that every time a spirit thinks, this plasma in its aura is the corresponding thought-form. As the disembodied spirit begins to think of the memories of the acts he has performed in the life that ended, these same memories are projected in his perispirit and the entire umbraline population that sees this spirit knows what he is thinking by simply looking at his perispirit… For this reason, there is no hiding our actions from our fellow men after our dismay. All secrets are revealed. We can think logically how many skeletons do not still keep the red sins in their closets closed to 7 keys… The past always comes back on the form of memory complaining about compensation and never abandons the mind of the spirit until it is made conscious, understood, forgiven and self-forgiven.

Only the Light of Forgiveness warms and enlightens hearts in the cold, gloomy and sad landscape of the Umbral. As soon as this Light bursts from the Heart, from above arise faithful servants of Light, which we can designate as referral guides, which will help these suffering and discalled spirits to make their crossing to the Light, that is, to the higher dimension corresponding to their evolution where they will be properly attended in clinics and hospitals until they are completely or almost completely recovered in order to be able to join the servants of light who will help brothers in painful circumstances, for which they themselves have gone through earlier times. He who is helped today, after recovered, will become tomorrow’s helper. The Light always triumphs in the end.

Divine Compassion and Karma

We must never forget that God is as just as he is compassionate. However, we have too often to confuse compassion with hoping that God will pretend that the crimes were not committed or try to minimize them by justifying that, at the time they were committed, we had a certain degree of ignorance of divine laws and unconsciousness which makes us partially attributable to the Divine Laws.

The Book Action and Reaction of the spirit André Luíz reveals that, even in the lower regions, there are a number of establishments of Light designed to welcome, treat and give shelter to the spirits who are buffeted by the conditions of emotional and mental imbalance to which their terrible memories vote them, get tired of the revolt, discover repentance and claim the necessary forgiveness by showing themselves to the end of so much suffering, willing to redeem themselves from their faults, nourished by a faint thread of hope. It is often with the perispiritual body in a miserable state that they are finally rescued in these emergency stations in the Umbral that they are the mark of Divine Compassion to make themselves felt also in the purgatory zones. In darkness, light and physical level, Divine Compassion is always felt for those who are prepared to welcome it. For others, they still have the free choice with which they become enremable in revolt, in hopelessness, in the temporary moral inability to rise from the slat over which they are crawling, receiving, however, from time to time, a temporary balm of peace, coming from the sphere of the incarnated, originating in the prayer of intercession by those who still remember them after their wake.

Divine Compassion is even more revealed when, in the case of the lady described, her mother, a former actress, came to help and comfort her in the umbraline area where her once vain and proud daughter was in a state of disturbance and unconsciousness such that she did not recognize her. Immense compassionate service is given through magnetic passes of the assistants of the umbralino relief post on the perispirit of the suffering spirit in order to minimize his anguish, balance him emotionally and, in a very gradual way, raise his consciousness.

We must remember that the disembodied spirits in the Umbral still keep in their perispiritual body the diseases with which they died and from which they still feel the pain. Thus, for example, a woman who died of excruciating pain from breast cancer with metastases in the spine, liver and lungs, when disembodied while in the Umbral, will continue to feel those same pains until she is assisted by benefid spirits that scare her pain, administering her magnetic passes to recover, little by little, his perispirit.

It will be of paramount importance to mention how many intelligences still incarnated in the earth’s crust, ignore the power of a simple prayer operated with genuine feeling in which one should ask God to help his disembodied loved one, sending him forwarding guides, appealing to divine compassion as well as to the fraternal contest of the brothers of light who sweep the Umbral in search of newly arrived spirits and ready to receive their support. A large part of people ignore the immense scope that a simple prayer has in the aid of the disincarnated given that while some think that their loved one “went to a better place” because he was in great suffering in a hospital bed, they ignore however the sometimes dozens of times worse conditions in which he has just entered the other side of life, depending, of course, on your behavior when you’re still alive.

The behavior and personality of an incarnate are commonly judged only by appearances, ignoring most of the people who give themselves to him, even in the daily life of 50 or 60 years of joint life, his true thoughts and feelings, of which usually only the superior Spirits and God know well as an obsessive if he is glued to his perispirit. Therefore, it is preferable, in doubt of the morality and character of a loved one who has passed away, to pray a lot to God since this brother may be in great need for having an extensive list of debts and offenses to divine laws far greater than they judge who loves him and remember him with longing…

There are karmas of thought and feelings that this disembodied loved one has contracted and that do not even suspect his companions of a lifetime, hence the importance of prayer to comfort the suffering spirit. It is usually recommended that the person say a prayer felt for 7, 14, 21 consecutive days or more until his heart intuitively feels that his loved one is already being properly cared for and treated to be referred to the Light. It should therefore not simply ignore the suffering of this same disembodied under any pretext of eventually succeeding him when it comes time to end this incarnation. If this happens, it will add to the deplorable condition in which one finds himself in the Umbral, the bitter memory of the lack practiced by lack of faith, spiritual ignorance or, simply, laziness in connecting with the divine and making a request for intercession to God in favor of his disembodied loved one.

Thought carries Karma

In the book Action and Reaction psychographed by the great medium Chico Xavier we are also aware of the explanation of a perceived phenomenon, either by disembodied spirits, or by mediums who manage to capture smells in the astral plane, when certain disincarnated are close.

The phenomenon is that some disembodied spirits, when present in a place, emit various pleasant or unpleasant odors, usually related to their life. For example, when a person who smokes a lot of tobacco or joints dies, when in umbral, the odors that her perispirit emit correspond to his own memories of episodes of his life, now finished, which create thought forms that begin to impregnate his perispirit by easing them, including the smell.

Thus, if this ex-smoker spirit is close to a person endorsed with some psychic sensitivity, that person will smell a strong smell of tobacco that, often, her own cannot explain, if she finds herself, for example, in a closed room, without external air ducts and her own not even having the habit of smoking.

Similarly, if the wandering spirit was a usual alcoholic, it is common for his presence to be accompanied by the smell of the drink he usually uses – beer, brandy, vodka, whisky, sparkling wine, red wine, rum – as well as his characteristic breath.

For this reason, there are people who feel the presence of their newly disembodied family members days or weeks ago, by the smell they used to emanate.

There are other cases where people feel a perfume that a disembodied relative of theirs used to use and it is for that perfume that these people recognize it.

In other cases, the newly disembodied, may have spent, for example, his last 2 or 3 months, hospitalized in a hospital which emits a characteristic smell. in particular, smell of ether and medicines, when present at the home of their relatives after their disemour, will have their presence accused exactly by the characteristic smell of his own when he has not yet destitled from the memories of his last months of life.

The assistant Silas in chapter 5 – Sick souls presents us with an even more fascinating case, when in Umbral explains to his instructs, the reason for encountering a disembodied spirit that exuded intense and unpleasant odor the putrefacta flesh.

“You do not ignore that all creatures live surrounded by the vital halo of energies that vibrate in the core of being, and this halo consists of particles of force radiating from all sides, impressing our sense of smell, pleasantly or unpleasantly, according to the nature in which they express themselves. (…)

We have with us Brother Corsino, whose thought continues to be enroded to the buried body in a total way. Entwined with the memory of the abuses to which he gave himself in the flesh, he still could not get away from the memory of what it was, bringing the image of his own corpse to the fore of all his memories.”

In this case, we can make considerations as to the miserable conditions in which a spirit that abused the pleasures of matter lies after the disembour, having to live with the smell of the memories of his corpse. In this case, the physical corpse may even have been buried, even exuded and cremated for some reason, by the family. We must remember that the fact that an object (e.g. a corpse) or a place has been completely destroyed does not, however, destroy the memories of it. Thus, even if the family incinerates the corpse of their deceased loved one, he himself can continue to suffer from the unpleasant conviviality of his own smell of cadaverine and putrescine of his carnal cabin of the last incarnation. We can verify, as in fact, in some cases karma is slaughtered in a poignant way as the consequence of the abuses of matter as well as its attachment.

We should remember that karma is paid for after disflesh in the Umbral and also, later, in the physical world, on the return to the flesh, in a new body. Generally, information about Umbral, except in spiritist and umbandistas, has been omitted in the middle of the New Age creating a false illusion that karma only reaches the being in a new incarnation and not in the space between lives (between the unflesh and the return in the embryo of a new baby). The books Our Home, The Messengers, Missionaries ofLight, In the Fields of Mediumship and Action and Reaction provide us with valuable teachings on how karma begins to be resated right after disemour.

The story of António Olímpio and his karma of ambition

André Luiz in the book Ação e Reação elucidates his readers with the true case of a man, named António Olímpio, who, in the lower regions, in the midst of intense suffering, ends up confessing to his visitors from the cloverregions, the reason why the sad end was brought.

After the death of his father, António Olímpio, he received a huge farm that he would have to share with his two brothers Leonel and Clarindo. Ambitious, he debuted a plan where he would kill his two brothers in order to keep the inheritance entirely to himself. The plan would work very successfully. Antonio, after having invited his two brothers to go fishing for a lake that was located on the property, offered them a numbing liquor that they would both take, calculating in advance how long the substance would take to have an effect on the body of their brothers. When he realized that they were numb by the drug, he deliberately unbalanced the boat where they were, swimming Antony to the shore and letting his two brothers drown as they were quite fatigued from the previous conversation with his brother as well as the drug itself.

Antony, ignoring the agonized appeals of his brothers who drowned after coming out of the water, cried out for help in order to simulate a mere accident.

In this way, he would end up with the death of his brothers, by appropriating the prosperous farm which he would later pass into the hands of his son Louis. Antony became very rich and a person who enjoyed an honest name. Money opened up a lot of doors and good social considerations.

Life continued joyfully, in the company of his beloved wife Alzira and his son Louis, surrounded by distractions and walks with which he tried to take some relief from his conscience which, from time to time, weighed on him when he remembered the double murder committed out of greed. Karma he had first begun with the constant remembrance of the crime committed, which never abandons the mind of the perpetrator until he finds fair and consummate compensation, nevertheless, the temporary earthly pleasures that money can buy as well as the faithful affections of relatives and friends, who often totally ignore the weight of conscience, of the one whom they try to defend.

When her son Louis atthe beginning of adulthood, his wife Alzira – who had benefited immensely from the wealth gained by her husband dishonestly though unknowingly of her husband’s criminal procedure – became ill with an unexplained fever for weeks in a row which would lead her to a state of madness that she would drown in the same lake where her brothers-in-law Leonel and Clarindo had been murdered by her husband, on a night when he found himself particularly mentally unstable.

Later, it will be alzira’s own disembodied spirit to unseeit what really happened beyond the superficial vision of the disembodied. In fact, that inexplicable fever that so disturbed Alzira during his last weeks of life, was caused by the spirits of Leonel and Clarindo who were furious to see the money that belonged to them to be used not only by their murderous brother but also by their wife and son…

This loss of his loved one to Antonio Olímpio constitutes just another part of karma who will still have to endure greed and double homicide, in addition to, of course, his mind constantly being disturbed by the ghost of his victims despite his multiple efforts to try to enjoy the pleasures of his material wealth, unduly acquired, even accumulating a great dread to all references to death.

The end of another incarnation for António Olímpio would eventually come, on which he will attest:

“- Ai of me, though!… As soon as I closed my physical eyes… before the tomb… I was not worth the prayers paid… because my brothers I supposed ly killed… made themselves visible in front of me… Transformed into avengers, they’ve led my grave… They threw the crime in my face. cover me with improperios and plagued me without compassion… until… perhaps… tired of beating me up… led me to the dark furna… where I was reduced to the nightmare I find myself in…

In my mind… I see only the boat in the sinister twilight… hearing the cries of my victims… who sob and laugh strangely… What’s up with me!… I’m stuck with the terrible boat… without being able to undo me… Who will make me sleep or die?…”

We can observe that the Catholic habit of buying 100 or 200 Masses for the souls of the deceased, little works, if the people who are close to the dead, do not say humble prayers, really felt, and with a true feeling of love for God, appealing to His compassion, to consider the good deeds (karma yoga or good karma ) ofyour family member or friend, now on the other side of the veil.

It is quite common, once the spirit in the Umbral, to be sought and persecuted by those whom he harmed in life. This too fits into karma and its inexorable Law.

We can also observe that being the perispirit of a plastic nature, as Allan Kardec teaches us in the Spirits’ Book and in the Book of Mediums, that physical attacksare also felt in the perispiritual body as they would be felt in the carnal body.

For this reason, we find in some scenes of Umbral in the film Nosso Lar (based on the first book by André Luíz), some slaves who whip their former master, owner of the slave quarters where they worked. In Umbral, roles are often reversed after disemour, given that victims of crime and wickedman, when they do not forgive, become the avenging villains of their former tormentors. In many cases, these victims could go to the Light, just for that, forgive those who have done them harm. However, the hearts of these victims are as black as that of their villains in life, and are willing to give up the happiness they would find in the Light by meeting dear friends who had already left before them (if they have not reincarnated) only to have the cruel pleasure of claiming revenge by exchanging it, sometimes hypocritically, the name by justiça, since they also forget theirfaults.

Fortunately, not all the victims arriving at Umbral have their eyes thirsty for revenge. There are other victims who simply forgive, lose forgiveness for the mistakes they may have made, and will be rescued in their time, through their merit, to the Light. However, there should be no doubt that for those who forgive those who have done them harm and do not peek at them the disemour to deliver their revenge blows, the length of stay in the Umbral, a very unpleasant place, will be much smaller.

Conclude karmic agreements to clean up karma

We find in the true story of Antonio Olímpio many facts that teach us about the consequences of our actions as well as the beautiful way karma can be achieved through karmic contracts that subject some people to others in order to learn the lessons.

In chapter 6 – In the Prayer circle of the book Action and Reaction,we are invited to understand how sooner or later we receive the divine gift of a new incarnation so that we can compensate our creditors. In this chapter, given that António Olímpio was in a frankly weakened mental and emotional condition in the lower regions to rationalize how he would pay off his debts contracted by himself to his brothers Clarindo and Leonel, we perceive how Divine Justice, in these cases, is compassionately in charge of obtaining spiritual friends who can help him get out of the situation, when he himself is not in a position to do so on his own.

Like a karmic council that selects which karmas to pay in each incarnation for each being that returns to the sphere of the living, the case of António Olímpio is carefully analyzed by the head of the Ministry of Regeneration – a kind of public institution in the astral plane of the region in which a certain disembodied is whose function is to analyze and deliberate proposals and recommendations on how the karma of a future reincarnated will be reimbursed, and it is up to those involved in this proposal to accept or reject the karmic agreements established.

Thus, the analysis of how António Olímpio proceeded in life follows:

“António Olímpio – agreed the leader of the house, had lived for himself – delivered the desvairada egolatria. He had known only his conveniences. He had saved money and time in the world, with no benefits for anyone but himself. He had not immobiled himself in pernicious pleasures and, therefore, did not bring to the spiritual field the gratitude of others functioning in his favor, because, in terms of affective support, he had only the sympathy to be born in the small picture in which the narrow family world ended. He was, therefore, a really complex companion, with extreme difficulties to be assisted in returning to physical experience.

The magnanimous messenger, however, recalled that his wife and son were debtors of unsurpassed affection.

These two hearts appeared there, according to the Law, as beneficial values for the delinquent, because all the good accomplished, with whomever and wherever, constitutes a living resource acting for those who practice it.”

We can observe that, despite the selfishness, ambition and egolatria of the character of António Olímpio, he still found himself to be a good husband and a good father, even though he was a murderer to his brothers. This factor turns out to be practically the only mitigating factor and it will be for him that Antony will have the opportunity to reincarnate in a new life in which he will have to compensate his brothers with whom he will probably have a difficult relationship, having a certain probability of becoming his opponents but, in return, will have with him, the figure of the two adjuvants.

This is the reason why, many times, we see in various families, people who relate very well to one family member and pessimously with another. We have found in some cases that there are brothers who kill themselves and, in others, brothers who save the life of others. This has to do with the karmas and dharmas accumulated between them. Thus, it is natural that two relatives who harbor innate antipathy to each other, have a high probability that one of them has become a debtor of another in a past life.

It is extremely common, as we study the nature of a person’s family relationships, to find some actors playing the role of creditors and others of debtors of that same person in the same family. Thus, for example, in a life, a child can be greatly helped by his father, but largely harmed by his mother. It can be helped by one brother and ostracized and ignored by another. It can be ruined economically by an uncle, however, being saved from a social scandal by the grandmother. In each family nucleus, we usually find the contents of the plot of a novel whose ultimate goal was the reimbursement due to the debts of all debtors to the respective creditors as well as learning to love each other. However, although that is the purpose, this does not always happen. In some cases, debts may worsen even more, with future reincarnations in even more unfavorable conditions.

Thus, in the book Action and Reaction,we observe that Alzira, the wife of António Olímpio, offers to help in the case of her husband suffering in darkness. It is entrusted to him by Minister Sânzio, director of the Ministry of Regeneration, the task of regenerating his brother-in-law who, after death, became fierce sentinels who do not give rest to his brother fractured in darkness and who, prevented, any approach of the wife Alzira who was in the Light, to the place where her husband is, suffering the consequences of the hatred of his brothers.

We can understand how, sometimes, despite the senses of a multidimensional therapy client, Apometry or other energy therapy that allows the rescue of disembodied loved ones from the umbraline zones to the Light, this same rescue is not always easy, since, in some cases, their deceased relatives, are jungidos to the action of umbraline entities that they have harmed, in the last or previous life, and who have not yet forgiven him. In these cases, not only do they not forgive him, but they do not forgive him, but they constantly scourge him and look after him, as a kidnapper, so that no team of Beings of Light or benevolent entity can approach, rescue and prevent the revenge of creditors who prefer to keep them company in the Darkness, reathing resentment, to review their own actions and acquire the humility of peering into the core of their being, their own debts.

Although Alzira herself was the victim of the cruelty of her brother-in-law who took revenge on her and her son Louis, still incarnated and under powerful obsession on the part of her murdered uncles, she decides to forgive them for attacking her perispirit in order to inflict on her excruciating headaches and fever what would end, in the midst of the powerful spiritual attack, of which he becomes a victim, for drowning in the lake of her husband’s estate. It is up to Alzira to convince her brothers-in-law to change their character and invite them to take actions that can help them rise up from the lower regions of umbral where they are.

We found that The mistake of António Olímpio ended up harming those to whom the money that belonged to his brothers, improperly earned, offered a comfortable material existence. The wife would be killed and the son Louis would be fiercely obsessed due to his greed, which would constitute the open door through which, they could obsidiate him. Clarindo and Leonel start to set up guard, either in the homebuilding where Luís lives, or in the lower regions of the astral plane where his father is.

The reason they obsidiate Louis, compel him to the error of usury and deep avarice, by projecting mental images of material wealth in his mind, is the fact that they wish that he does not get away from the accumulated fortune that belongs to them. Thus, Louis becomes without knowing him a faithful depository of the money of obsessives still very attached to material desires and prevents him, through obsessive ideas of material accumulation, from making use of this same wealth with the pretext of increasing it, reaching the height of making his wife and son who live with him in the estate pass material needs.

Let’s look at the recommendations of the energy agreements proposed to resolve the karmic situation to Alzira by Minister Sânzio:

“You need to go in person to plead for better mental dispositions to enable them to support our organization, preparing for physical rebirth at a timely time. Once this initial phase of assistance has been achieved, you will collaborate in the return of Olympian to the home of your own son, and in turn you will return to the flesh soon after, that you may reconsory with him again, in a blessed future, that you may receive in the arms Clarindo and Leonel, by children of the heart, to whom Olympia will restore earthly existence and possessions…


Suffer them merciless blows in the last days of your stay in the world, and the humility of those who suffer is an essential factor in the renewal of those who make them suffer…”

We must understand that Divine Compassion is recognized in the Light, in darkness and on earth as incarnated, giving us all, without exception, the tools and means that the indebted worker of Christ’s vineyard needs to pay off his debts and learn.

We must therefore recognize that the perception of the Light that dwells in each of us is only done with conscious effort, always keeping the crucial importance of Wisdom and Humility in the heart of each one.

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