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Doing a multidimensional therapy sometimes equates to making a strong detox every 6 months. When we do a detox, we eliminate a lot of toxins from the liver, kidneys and intestines and become lighter and more energetic, that is, our organs become much healthier and functioning fully. But if, right after the detox, we choose the same foods that populated us with toxins because we choose to remain hostages of the habit and do not make better food choices to prolong the effects of newly regained health, we will pollute ourselves again and, within days, we return to normal, not having taken advantage of the slack that energy detox – multidimensional therapy – has provided us.

This is not just the case with Multidimensional Therapy, but with all energy therapies. In reality, we can generalize to virtually all areas of life of a human being and not just for participation in energy therapies.

If we do not modify the choice of deleteesia thoughts, taking advantage of the opportunity offered to us when we perform a session of Multidimensional Therapy, we are submitted to the spiritist pass in a spiritist center or receive a cure in a terrace of Umbanda or, for example, we participate in a shamanic ceremony with power plants such as Ayahuasca, Iboga or snuff, then we will be minimizing the fruits that we could collect from these same therapies and cures.

What these therapies and cures give us is temporary in nature for those who replace their duty of inner work with their own effort by the puerile expectation that the realization of some therapies in hours will attribute to him all kinds of happiness scendof the work of keeping his thoughts aligned with the Divine Laws.

However, the effects of these therapies and cures are permanent in nature for those who, contrary to the example of the former, take advantage of the opportunity initiated by the therapies they have made with the help of Superior Spirituality (Angels, Archangels, Guides, Ascended Masters, Beings of Light, Beneficent Spirits, etc.), take responsibility for their lives, a posture of gratitude for the graces received in these same therapies and work, proactively, to maintain this state itself, seeking to improve itself every day. This second type of people will collect, on their own merits, a much higher value of benefits than the first type.

For this reason, of two people who do the same therapy, one collects a feeling of peace for 3 days and another for a month or a permanent change. So, doing therapy is like taking off a plane. After the takeoff of this plane called Life, the time in which it remains in the air, no longer depends on the initial start, but on the expertise of the respective pilot.

Examples of temporary cures

Consider the example of an alcoholic person who starts a 6-month intensive care in a clinic specialized in the release of alcohol addiction. If you do not move away from the bad alcoholic companies and continue to take refuge in alcohol each time a problem arises in your life, even if the treatment has been effective, it will not be permanent since this patient decides, of his own will, to refocus on addiction, despite the best efforts of doctors, nurses and other clinical staff involved in his recovery, as well as the emotional support of his family and friends.

Temporary effects of energy therapies

It is normal for a multidimensional therapy client, Reiki, Reconnective Healing or other energy therapy to feel lighter and with a greater inner joy after performing a session for about 2 or 3 days, and this period is evidently variable from person to person. If this change is not consolidated with a daily practice of a discipline or a new positive and uplifting habit in order to lengthen that same pleasant effect, of course, the person will return to the emotional state in which he was previously despite generally no longer as negative as he was before the first therapy, and therefore worth, always benefit from performing therapy even if you do not have enough willpower to extend its effects over time.


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