How to be a successful therapist

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The success of a good therapist is deeply dependent on the moral balance and wisdom of his spirit, factors, too often, considered to be of lesser regard by beginning therapists.

Numerous times, beginning therapists have overlooked that success in the area of holistic therapies is not dependent on the number of therapists that there are in a certain area, a factor that they tend to use as justification for their failure. The success of a therapist does not depend on the number of “competitors”, but of himself, on his characteristics of humility, ability to work and genuine will to help others. These same characteristics attract the superior spirits that will bring you a lot of work to the exact extent of your ability which in turn constitutes the product of trust in your own work with your technical knowledge.

If the therapist is not successful, only himself, should report the cause of his failure. He must have full knowledge of his co-creator capacity, as a particle of God himself, who will bear fruit to the extent of his faith, humility and gratitude. It should be taken away from the high sensuality, greed, envy, jealousy, pride and lack of faith and some of these moral characteristics are often in the cause of a holistic therapist having little success at certain times.


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