One of the features of Multidimensional Therapy is to improve professional relationships with colleagues and work. Sometimes a person in their work environment feels closed in on themselves, finding it difficult to relate to co-workers, to interact at coffee and lunch breaks and company social events.

This excessive shyness that is revealed in the work environment ends up conditioning the person exclusively to the exercise of his duties, depriving him of the joyful and healthy social interaction with his colleagues. This condition is usually accompanied by feelings of isolation, fear of what other colleagues think and say about the person and inadequacy which may make the person wish to leave the company and undertake a series of jobs in a short time.

In these cases, the Beings of Light will seek to awaken in the client a sense and awareness of greater freedom within themselves, to increase their self-esteem and self-love in order to help the person validate themselves in their specific way of being unique. Beings of Light will also clear childhood memories regarding criticism from parents that made the child feel inferior, heal and rescue your inner child and open your heart so that you can feel more trust in others around you.

Multidimensional Therapy session marking

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