Some of the benefits that a Multidimensional Therapy session can leave with the client include a greater acceptance of oneself and the life situations one finds oneself in, a greater understanding of the Spiritual Laws that govern the Universe and the need to be in accordance with them for life to flow unhindered, a greater realization of one’s divinity and the full rescue of the sense of Being in the Here and Now enjoying every second of the existence that God allows us in each incarnation.

Benefits of Multidimensional Therapy

Being emotional well-being one of the most sought after themes by clients of Multidimensional Therapy, they find in this therapy the answer to their quests by energetically clearing all the old karmic memories that are stored in the basement of the Soul.

One of the benefits of Multidimensional Therapy is the healing of problems related to the spiritual heart in order to clear inferiority complexes, increase self-love, self-esteem, self-confidence, leading to a decrease in generalized anxiety and the realization of a new paradigm according to which everything that happens, happens for a higher reason and for the benefit of the spiritual advancement of each one and of Humanity in general.

Another benefit is the relief of emotional suffering from childhood or adolescent sexual abuse trauma as well as the healing and rescue of the patient’s inner child. The Multidimensional Therapy acts, in the same way, at the level of spiritual cleansing and the referral of obsessors.

Testimonials from Multidimensional Therapy indicate an increase in energy in people who were feeling weak, increased capacity for forgiveness and self-forgiveness, alignment of the chakras (this occurring as a side effect of the therapy itself) and the realization of new meaning in life.

The rescission of contracts is another topic that can be addressed during therapy by the Beings of Light since some limit the exercise of Free Will on the part of the patient, therefore, all contracts that no longer require the Soul to learn one or several lessons are rescinded.

This therapy also acts effectively on various traumas, particularly abandonment. Again, healing work related to the inner-child will be performed.

Since service to the Soul is performed, the patient’s subtle bodies are also scanned for astral larvae and negative thought-forms that drain the person’s energy and lower their vibration, making it difficult for them to achieve their goals on a loving, professional, social and spiritual level.

Other cases of Multidimensional therapy involve clearing a client’s concerns about possible betrayal by a partner as well as clearing karma from past and present partner love interactions to release karmic emotional ties.

Psychic disorders such as bipolar disorder can also be improved with therapy, although, in these cases, it is advisable to follow up with a doctor since this is a complementary therapy and not a substitute for medical care in physical and mental terms.

The return to Unity consciousness through the Heart is the premise behind the work of so-called Healing Through the Heart and one of its effects consists of an improvement of the communication channel of the lower self, called spirit, with its Higher Self, called Soul.

If the patient feels affinity with the program of the Multidimensional Therapy course and wish to work on yourself for your personal benefit and self-resolution of various issues, i.e. become your own therapist, you can attend the 2-day workshop and be transformed and healed by the Masters of Light in the room.

The Multidimensional Therapy workshop/course is now available online for people who wish to train as multidimensional therapists for their own benefit as well as the benefit of others with the help of this healing technology, whether they are from Portugal, the Brazil, Switzerland, Luxembourg, France, United Kingdom or any other part of the globe and who speak Portuguese, Spanish or English.