Rescue of the inner God

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The Ascension Healing Course,founded by the therapist Paulo Nogueira, aims to rescue his Inner God, his Personal Holy Christ, his buddha nature, the Enlightened one that exists in him. God is one with the reader. It was never anything separate from you. God, the Source is in everything that has existed since the “beginning”. There was no start. Only the eternal present moment exists.

During the initiation of Isis, it will be anchored in the heart of the course participant the Ankh. This initiation aims to increase your self-acceptance, self-esteem, and compassion for yourself, helping you witness to your sovereign power within you as you realize the limiting beliefs that are responsible for stagnating your life in various domains. Each of the parallel incarnations is cleaned from the harmful consequences of their limiting beliefs as the energy of initiation intensifies, always with their conscious participation completely dissolving all patterns of self-sabotage.

In the course, the participant is invited to mentally explore all the pain swells and sufferings he has gone through by not having assumed his divinity in the past, by having dispensed with his personal power, by not having believed in himself and, therefore, recognizing, at that moment, the opportunity that the course and the ascended teachers present give him to heal these pains and sufferings, to gain courage to forgive one’s forgiveness and accept one’s full at that time.

Through the power of forgiveness, of his Higher Self, of the beloved master Isis, the participant will free himself from various limiting beliefs concerning religion, spirituality and God.

The Ascension Healing Course promotes with the indispensable help of your Higher Self, the rescue of the sovereign power of your Soul by cleaning up limiting beliefs that at some point in your life you have kept as absolute truths in your subconscious. The course helps you question who guides your life. These limiting beliefs are etched at the level of your physical DNA. Beliefs at the subconscious level influence physical DNA itself.

During the initiation received from The Ascended Master Isis,some of these limiting beliefs that prevent him from seeing himself as truly divine are cleansed from physical DNA by his Higher Self.

Here are some:

“Assuming my personal power will challenge God. I am confronting God.”

By assuming your Personal Power, you will not be confronting God unless you have the perception that this God is something external to you, separate from you. In that case, you’re afraid to live, afraid of being happy. On the contrary, by assuming his Personal Power, he will be assuming a divine characteristic in himself, he will be assuming God within himself, feeling part of Him.

“I will be murdered if I take on my personal power”

This belief is mainly rooted in the fact that several religious, spiritual and philosophical leaders of the past were killed for openly spreading their ideas for the common good, having been punished by groups of people whose personal interests or different belief system overlapped. If the reader does not assume his personal power, he will not be living truly free, but only to be a mere reflection of the programmes imposed by the experiences of his past as well as of society itself.

“I have to lower my voice when I speak in my personal power”

“I fear social isolation because I’m seen taking on my personal power”

Sometimes we fear our own personal power more than the personal power of others.

“I refuse to use my personal power to bless others and myself”

This belief means that one does not believe himself as divine enough to embrace the role of the one who blesses him, but rather that he is waiting or who begs someone outside of himself to come and bless him in his ideas and projects. One sometimes thinks, “Who am I to give blessings? I’m not like Christ Jesus or Babaji. They can give blessings because they are enlightened beings. Not me. I can only receive in case I get it. Deserving that which is defined by someone other than myself, something external to me, separate from me.”

“I am afraid that my personal power, including one that includes my sexuality, comes from an unholy source.”

This belief presupposes the full non-acceptance of oneself, including sexuality.

“I’m afraid to take on my personal power because I can hurt others or myself if I do.”

“Others have more access to my personal power than I do.”

This belief, when recognized, evokes a feeling of shame at feeling that others control you more than you control yourself.

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