Dialogue with the Inner God

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Diálogo com o Deus Interior- Paulo Nogueira– When you try to be good, you’re not. Why haven’t you been able to help others despite your immense attempts? You have felt frustration, sadness, resentment towards a God outside of you for not having given you the tools you needed to help them… Do you really want to know why?

The reason is because you still don’t love yourself just like you are. The reason is that you still don’t accept that you are part of God the Father-Mother himself. You still don’t accept your true divinity. You still don’t recognize her in You. You believe that your divinity grows over time, that in a few years, decades, incarnations will even be more divine than you are today. But the truth, the great truth, is that your divinity is unchanging. Your enormous sequences of incarnations are only for you to experience yourself in various ways, all of them divine. Is it too good to be true?

Nothing is too good to be true when we love ourselves in the fullness of our being, when we accept ourselves fully. Until that’s a belief well installed in your subconscious, you’ll feel that there are things that are too good for you to experience. You feel that they are beyond your abilities, your knowledge, or your worth. You have a poison in your mind whose antidote consists simply in the Wisdom of your heart. Your mind is apart. Your heart unites. You have an immense Wisdom within you that flows when you flow, when you allow yourself.

If you’re looking for complex words, you’re in the mind. However, simple words emerge from the heart. Wisdom is translated by simple truths, not complex and long-sought mental constructions. If you’re looking for the search, you act like a dog hunting its own tail. Never will this dog reach its goal and the result will be discouragement, tiredness, frustration, sadness… Have you ever felt this way before?

Realize that it is you who build suffering for yourself whenever you seek the mind instead of resting in your heart.

The mind speaks. The heart is silent. The mind searches and therefore is constantly moving. The heart has already found it and so it is at rest. If you have a mind and a heart, you decide where you want to be. You can decide whether you want to be in the eternal search for who You are or if you have already met and rejoice in it, reaking the fruits of your inner fulfillment.

The truth is not in the future. The truth is here and now. The truth waits for you to discover it inside you. There’s nothing you need to do to get to it. But there’s something you need to know though. You need to know that you are God in yourself. You need to give up the idea of trying to please God by doing good to men. It is not that you should not do good, but that you should stop doing it just to please an idea in your mind that you conceive of as a God outside you, separated from You. You should do good, but knowing that you are as God who do it and that when you do it, you do it only with the intention of pleasing yourself. Not in the sense, however, of becoming engrandened since as an infinite being that you are, you cannot become bigger. What could be greater than infinity? There is nothing but infinity. Whenever you do something that you know can make you big in the eyes of others, you don’t prove more than the smallness you consider yourself and that you try to make up for it with something external to you.

Love, Light, Wisdom… Here’s something the more you give, the more you get!
Channeled by Paulo Nogueira.


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