Who guides your life? Let yourself be guided by a gentle intelligence that shines within you and has always accompanied you. Who is the voice of your conscience? Who is the poet of the poetry of your life? Is it your consciousness, your guide of Light, your Guardian Angel? Who is the One who guides you through the events of your life?

Are you really in mental control of everything that has happened to you so far? Or are you guided by forces invisible to your eyes that dictate every moment what you should feel in your heart or what decision to make without you realizing it? Is it a consciousness external to you like it’s the conditioning of society or an obsessor or is it something more inner, coming from your true Self, your Higher Self?

Have you ever stopped to think? Who guides your life?

For a moment, take the opportunity to step outside of your conditioned mind and ask questions. Be critical but not pessimistic. Be a constructive rebel in the sense of a seeker of Truth but not one who thinks he has already found it. Truth is something you feel, not something you think. Truth cannot be thought, only felt.

Spiritual Author: Ankhash Uri (being from the Fifth Dimension)

Channeled by Paulo Nogueira on September 14, 2018.