If you have already had an Aura Reading Therapy or Multidimensional Therapy session with us, your Reiki session will only cost 15€.

Benefits of Reiki

  • spiritual clarity
  • reduces stress and causes a deep sense of relaxation and peace
  • cleanses and harmonizes the energy field
  • brings emotional relief
  • cleanses the organs such as kidneys, heart, liver, lungs, etc.
  • can stop minor bleeding
  • aids in the process of calcification of the bones
  • greatly accelerates the physical healing of broken bones
  • accelerates the recovery process from surgical interventions
  • powerful aid in healing from depression and negative thoughts
  • softens the effects of chemotherapy on cancer patients
  • attenuates the effects of Premenstrual Tension

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Each session lasts for one hour.

Pack 5 sessions of Reiki Usui70€1h each session
Pack 3 sessions Reiki Usui50€1h each session

Reiki session marking

As an old Reiki master taught me, “Reiki is Love and Love is the only thing that heals.”