How to do a Multidimensional Therapy consultation is a question that is held by lots of people. Multidimensional therapy in practice consists of a three-stage procedure. In the first phase, the therapist questions his client about the issues he wants to address. In the second phase, the client lies on his stomach, arms around his body and eyes closed while he listens to relaxing music and the Beings of Light from the therapist’s multidimensional team work on him. In the third phase, the therapist asks the client about sensations perceived during the session such as the sensation of energy passing through the body, tingling in the palms of the hands and feet, luminous violet, pink, light blue, green, golden and white tones or feeling presences.

Multidimensional Therapy consists of a holistic approach that aims to resolve various blockages at the Soul level, which may come from situations of past lives that repeat themselves until the cause is made conscious and a new attitude more in line with Divine Laws is taken. To the extent that we remain unconscious, we tend to become hostages of past choices whose consequences spill over into the present.

This therapy helps us to become more conscious, aligned with Divine Laws, in order to make more conscious choices that will make our current existence on Earth happier and more heart-based, with more Peace and Wisdom.

Various diseases are the result of our actions in past lives or even in this life according to the Law of Karma. Multidimensional therapy does not resolve the illness itself but makes the behaviour that caused it more conscious. For example, constant anger over a period of years towards one’s father, mother or close relatives lowers the vibration of the subtle bodies and this may lead to the degeneration of the devas of the physical body which are responsible for the exchange of energy and information between an organ (e.g. liver) and the energetic component of that same organ.

Therefore, Multidimensional Therapy does not treat the physical organ directly, since that is the responsibility of medicine, but the causes of the degeneration of that organ at a subtle level. For this reason, it should not be seen as an alternative but rather as a complement to the emotional, mental and spiritual level of a patient’s physical state of health.

The alignment of the chakras is also an important work done with Multidimensional Therapy and can have an influence on various levels of a person’s life. For example, by opening and aligning the heart chakra, the patient can open up to happier love and family relationships, by harmonizing the sex chakra you can treat issues related to sexual addictions such as excessive masturbation, excessive sexual thoughts, pornography or the energetic part of reproductive tract related diseases and by opening and aligning the root chakra you can influence your prosperity.

During therapy can also be requested the breaking of contracts with other people as long as the Higher Self of the person gives permission as well as vows made in past lives.

The way Multidimensional Therapy works will always take into account the Law of Free Will of the client. Numerous times in my treatments I hear the Beings of Light tell me that they cannot do what the person asks at the interview stage because it is simply their choice. For example, a person wants to free themselves from a situation and asks the Beings of Light for help to free them. They free her from the situation but they cannot free her from her own decision to remain imprisoned because she sees some kind of advantage in that. Then, the therapist should work together with the person on which advantages the person insists on not letting go of and which constitute the reason for his inner prison.

The Beings of Light do deep emotional cleansing by helping to overcome difficult situations motivated by the loss of loved ones or affective relationships so that the person experiences a sense of peace and lightness in the days following the therapy.

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