The Course/Workshop of Multidimensional Therapy with the therapist, coach and holistic trainer Paulo Nogueira takes place every month in the city of Porto through a partnership with the space Lua de Lótus (Rua de Francos, 115 Porto) and is intended for the training of Multidimensional Therapists.

It is a profoundly transformative 2-day course of theoretical-practical content with an experiential matrix that aims to equip its participants with the ability to begin their multidimensional therapy sessions after this intensive 2-day training.

After the course, participants are able to conduct sessions of Multidimensional Therapy either to themselves (in self-care mode helping them to overcome various emotional, mental or spiritual problems) or to other people (in their own therapy office or in other spaces). They are also able to conduct sessions of Multidimensional Therapy at a distance.

The Multidimensional Therapy Course has a very important practical component as to ensure that students are able as multidimensional therapists to deliver sessions the day after the course, in the afternoon of the second day of the course, students are divided into pairs and will do and receive a full therapy session so that they can experience for themselves their abilities and put their skills into action with the indispensable help of their multidimensional therapy.