The Multidimensional Therapy is an energetic holistic approach available to all inhabitants of the district of Braga in face-to-face mode in space Rita’s shop in Braga as well as training in Multidimensional Therapy with the holistic trainer Paulo Nogueira.

For you who live in Amares, Barcelos, Braga, Cabeceiras de Basto, Celorico de Basto, Esposende, Fafe, Guimarães, Póvoa de Lanhoso, Terras de Bouro, Vieira do Minho, Vila Nova de Famalicão, Vila Verde and Vizela do not miss the opportunity to join a fabulous team of multidimensional therapists who have come from Minho to the Loja da Rita space in Braga to participate in the training of multidimensional therapists with Paulo Nogueira in previous editions.

Braga needs more and more therapists of the heart to help raise the vibration of Minho and the North of the country endowed with resources and knowledge in line with the new paradigm of spiritual evolution.

You can also, if you are unable to travel, enjoy the Multidimensional Therapy session remotely using Skype or you can also take the Online Multidimensional Therapy Course where you will be in possession of this fantastic tool for healing and ascension.

Whether you wish to become a practitioner of Multidimensional Therapy or wish to use the training and technique solely for your own personal development, you will be welcome at this monthly event that brings together diverse ascended and stellar masters in an immensely beautiful place, in a two-day journey that will catapult your spiritual evolution to a new level.

Join the team to celebrate with us at the end another important step in your journey as a traveler to the stars.

Paulo Nogueira, trainer of the course, is entirely available to celebrate partnerships with Alternative Therapies spaces and Yoga studios in the Braga district to help bring closer to you the new tools that the Light makes available to all who feel the call of the Beings of Light and recognize themselves or want to recognize themselves as such.

Experience a face to face therapy on the days Celia de Jesus is in the North on the weekend at the Lotus Moon space or enjoy the Multidimensional Therapy Course with Paulo Nogueira where you will allow the team of Beings of Light to cleanse some of your karma, renew your connection with the Divine, harmonize your relationships with your family members, former and current partners and friends, clarify your ideas about future life projects, cleanse your heart of past hurts and resentments and bring you to a new level of consciousness.

Come learn more about the Divine Laws that govern life in the physical world and the spiritual world and about your stellar origin.

The Multidimensional Therapy will help you to heal old traumas that may be conditioning your inner child to be more creative, joyful and spontaneous. It will also make you aware of your mediumistic potential, always linked to moral learning and evolutionary effort of each one.

With the Beings of Light, some of your karmic ties that keep you tied to relationships that no longer make sense to you will be broken as long as the lesson that gave rise to them has already been learned.

With Paulo Nogueira, you will learn the true meaning of a Light worker, a servant of Christ’s harvest, learning more and more the essence of the teachings of living in Unity.

Set up a session with us and come and discover your potential!

Session duration: 1h15m
Exchange value: 35€

To make your appointment you can use the form below or use one of our means of contact.

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Enrollment in Multidimensional Therapy Course

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