Every fear invariably has a limiting belief behind it. Fear is the emotional response to a negative belief.

One of the exercises performed in the Ascension Healing Course is for each participant to find their fears and identify the respective beliefs that support those fears.

Some examples:

  • fear of being assaulted or robbed
    You don’t trust human beings. He fears that others may misappropriate his belongings. Beliefs: “No one can be trusted”, “People want to take undue advantage at my expense”, etc.
  • fear of being arrested
    Beliefs: “I don’t trust the justice system”, “I deserve punishment for my past actions”, etc.
  • fear of losing their house in a fire or to the bank for non-payment of instalments
    Beliefs: “Bad luck is always stalking me”, “The world is a merciless place for defaulters”, “The banking system has no heart”, etc.
  • fear of losing the relationship and being alone
    Beliefs: “I will be alone for the rest of my life”, “I am not worthy of a new chance at love”, etc.
  • fear of trapping a person in a loveless affective relationship out of convenience and habituation
    Beliefs: “I can’t get a better relationship,” “Any new relationship will be worse than the current one,” etc.
  • fear of losing children, parents or siblings
    Beliefs: “I will not get over the loss of important people in my life”, “If someone important to me dies, I will feel unwilling to live the rest of my days”, “The people I currently love are the ones who give reason to my existence. Without them, nothing makes sense.”
  • fear of starting a new emotional relationship for fear of losing their individuality and independence
    Beliefs: “The other person will control my steps”, “Someone will know my faults if they live with me and I am not prepared for that”, “My faults are unacceptable and someone other than me will know them”.
  • fear of not having customers and having to close the business
    Beliefs: “I won’t be able to keep up with changes in my line of business”, “My economic rivals are more motivated and smarter than me”, “I’m not creative enough to keep my customers interested”, etc.
  • fear of not being able to forgive themselves for the suffering caused to animals and people
    Beliefs: “I am not worthy of forgiveness”, “I have to be punished to feel good again”, “I have to pay my debt to society and God”, etc.
  • fear of going to lower regions of the astral plane when you die
    Beliefs: “I deserve to be punished”, “I don’t deserve to be saved”, “There is no forgiveness possible for my actions”, etc.