The Initiation to the energy of Breath is given by the Masters of Light of the star Polaris – the Polarians – which gives the participants of the Ascension Healing Course the ability to use the breath as a mechanism of spiritual evolution.

This initiation serves two purposes: the first is to release mental patterns that influence the breath negatively in various ways. The second purpose is to allow the Higher Self of the trainee to work on his/her breath for the purpose of spiritual evolution. We know empirically that our thoughts and emotions directly affect the way we breathe. By practicing one type of Yoga, for example Kundalini Yoga, which works with the breath, we learn to release various harmful emotions and thoughts.

We must understand that the conscious is governed by the central nervous system (CNS) while the unconscious is governed by the autonomic nervous system (ANS). Thus, breathing is a function of the ANS, so it is controlled by the unconscious. Since the breath is the only function of the ANS that we can interfere with and control, we can use it as a bridge from the unconscious to the conscious.

The Initiation to the energy of Breath activates an energetic point called, in Taoism, Jade Cushion which is located in a protuberance in the occipital bone. This energy point controls the breath and compensates with its predominantly Yin energy the rest of the brain which has a predominantly Yang energy. When this energy center is activated, the breathing pattern varies to adapt to the situation the individual is experiencing.

Energy centers in the human body

This initiation is very important as it allows your Higher Self to control your breathing in various situations, especially those in which you are practicing Meditation. After receiving this initiation, students of the Ascension Healing Course may notice adjustments of their breathing pattern in their everyday life although these adjustments become more noticeable during meditation. Basically, with this initiation, students are giving their Higher Self permission to use the breath to release various negative thought patterns. All the trainee has to do is simply observe his breathing during the meditation, which can sometimes bring up several unpleasant memories that were repressed in the subconscious.

The purpose of this initiation, similar to the Initiation into the energy of Hope that is given by the Arcturian masters, is to enable the development of Christ Consciousness by facilitating access to that state of consciousness through the breathing patterns associated with it. Likewise, this initiation develops the free flow of energy in the heart chakra area.