Prices of Reiki courses vary from master to master depending on their duration and program. Here are the prices charged in our therapy space:

Reiki Course Level I – 60€
Reiki Course Level II – 80€
Reiki Course Level III – 100€

For you who wish to learn about the method of Reiki, come and have a Reiki session with us to experience it. Reiki is an art that works through touch, and the therapist can touch or not touch their patient.When we instinctively place our hands on a part of our body that hurts, we are passing an energy of harmonization that proceeds from ourselves to ourselves. In the case of Reiki, on the other hand, this energy comes from the Source that Is All.

Techniques of energetic harmonization such as this one have existed for over 8000 years in Tibet and are common to many cultures and civilizations. It is called various names such as ki in Japan, chi in China, prana in India or barraka in Islamic countries.

Who discovered this technique was Mikao Usui, born in Japan on August 15, 1865. Usui having been a Christian priest, he was once asked if he believed literally in the Bible to which Master Usui replied in the affirmative. Following this, his students asked him how Jesus used the power of healing through the laying on of hands. Usui, not being in possession of the desired answers, resigned and went in search of the answer since by the Japanese code of honour, a teacher should be able to answer all his students’ questions.

Want to know more ? Come and take a Reiki course with us.