Eucalyptus bath

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Eucalyptus Bath

Eucalyptus Bath

Do you want to take a bath with eucalyptus?

The discharge bath with eucalyptus leaves is one of the most powerful baths to fortify the spirit. The eucalyptus leaf releases a very strong and characteristic perfume and the ideal is to take a bath at bedtime after taking your normal hygiene bath.

As recommended for most discharge baths, you should put a handful of herbs, in this case, eucalyptus leaves in about 3 or 4 liters of hot water. It should not boil the tea because the element Fire destroys the elemental of the eucalyptus that corresponds to those who will actually operate their effects together of the devas that govern each of their organs of their physical body according to their intention. It should therefore not be overlooked that in every energy operation it undertakes, the power of intent is of the utmost importance.

Therefore, when you are laying the unloaded bath with eucalyptus leaves, from the neck down, on you, you should ask your guides, archangel Michael, Mother Nature and the Creator God of all things, to use the elementals of the eucalyptus bath to fully cleanse and fortify your spirit, investing it in its maximum light. I recommend that you use the power of visualization to multiply the effects of the discharge bath, imagining, for example, a powerful golden spiral that descends over your crown chakra, sliding all over your body in spiral movements, to your feet, pushing all the negativity, which you can imagine as dark smoke being swept down, seeping through the drain of the bathtub or poliban, leaving its aura completely radiant and flooded with golden or violet color. Also use the power of breathing, inspiring and exhaling deeply while cleaning.

Care should be taken to filter the eucalyptus leaves so that you can pour only the water that should have a brownish-green color depending on whether you have used the dry or green leaves. There is no difference between using dry or green leaves so it depends only on your personal taste. When filtering eucalyptus leaves, it should return them to nature, in an attitude of respect and reverence towards eucalyptus as a species of the plant kingdom that brings so much benefit to man in energy terms. You can place them in a garden near your house or in a forest.

Eucalyptus is so powerful that only by deeply inhaling the fragrant steam from the discharge bath, it will already flood its spirit with greater self-esteem, increased energy and the balance of its aura.

When you’re done taking your bath, don’t dry with the towel. Let it dry to the natural to completely impregnate your body of the eucalyptus elemental and you can go to sleep next, in case the bath is the last thing you do that day, at night.

In Umbanda, the eucalyptus bath is almost as recommended as the famous rue, rosemary and lavender bath which is used to cleanse and harmonize the aura.

The eucalyptus bath with coarse salt serves to clean your energy field.

The eucalyptus bath will increase your inner strength and cheer you up. It is an herb classified in Umbanda as hot, that is, aggressive, being associated with orixás Ogum (sincretized with St. George) and Iansá (incretized with Santa Barbara) and with a very useful function to cancel, neutralize and close portals of negative energy within the energetic body that may have been opened if it was the victim of plagues or ancient magic. If you do not know whether or not you have a negative portal, in doubt, when you are asking your guides to clean it energetically, also ask them to close all the negative portals themselves using the power of eucalyptus elemental. The rule will always be to ensure insurance.

In medicinal terms, it is a plant that I see used since my childhood by my father who used it in very hot water to be able to inhale its highly decongestant airway steam and is also commonly used in the Turkish bath in some gyms and spas for the same reason.

Antiseptic, disinfectant, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial action is also used to ward off various insects and are therefore placed on or inside the carcass of an animal slaughtered for human consumption, to ward off blowflies that could deposit their eggs in the meat, from which larvae would hatch, which could contaminate the flesh causing diseases. For this reason, it is also considered a vermifugus when keeping away several parasites.

Given that the structure of Eucalytus it is quite resistant, has a very important economic value for the construction of foundations of several buildings as well as for the pulp industry that is used to produce pulp and which can play an extremely dynamic role in the economy of some small municipalities, such as Constancy in the district of Santarém, by generating a lot of jobs. This perennial leaf tree, originally from Australia, of which 450 different types are catalogued, is also widely used in the pharmaceutical industry because of the dilatator power of the bronchi that eucalyptus, essential oil extracted from eucalyptus, takes on the similarity of menthol with its typical refreshing effect.

In economic terms, this species, characterized by its rapid growth, also has particular emphasis on civil construction, rail ings and biofuel production, but is not useful for the furniture industry, since it is hard, heavy and difficult to work with a tendency to warp or crack at the time of drying.

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