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Reconnective Healing® aims at reconnecting with the Universe and with the essence within each one. It is as a side effect that the cure of a certain problem arises at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. This mode of healing arises from new frequencies of healing light and information that until a few years ago were not available on Earth. This fact can be proven experientially with the famous miraculous cures that have come to us through the most varied media, or in laboratories in a more scientific way. The Reconnective Healing® was discovered by Dr. Eric Pearl, a chiropractic physician, while teaching chiropractic consultations when he realized cures absolutely out of the ordinary and far beyond what he did such as curing cerebral palsy, ALD-related diseases, curing tumors, among others. His patients also reported contacts with Anjos as well as some said they felt presence when still in his office and later at home.

Reconnective Healing® and Reiki

Reconnective Healing® is a complete and comprehensive healing modality over several other healing modalities such as Reiki. Reiki consists of the use of a subsets of healing frequencies while reconnective healing® the complete set. If you’ve ever experienced something fantastic with Reiki, know that what you received was only a part of the energy. To better understand the relationship, you can say that Reiki and other forms of healing are contained in reconnective healing®. It’s as if Reiki were the letters a, d, h, l and u and the Reconnective Healing® were the whole alphabet. With Reiki, very interesting cures are already made. However, with Reconnective Healing® the results are faster and more surprising.

Simplicity of Reconnective Healing®

Reconnective Healing® is known for its simplicity and power. It dispenses rituals of protection, invocation of entities, taking jewelry, watches, metal objects, energetic cleaning of the space before therapy (however, it is always advisable to have clean space) or even believe in therapy or believe in whatever it is, being therefore also suitable for skeptics.

Reconectiva Healing® with Paulo Nogueira

Reconnective Healing®

In what problems can Reconnective Healing be used®?

Reconnective Healing® can be used in all kinds of physical problems (tumors, muscle pain, menstruation-related pain), emotional problems (insecurity, depression, low self-esteem), mental (negativism, perfectionism, obsessiveness), spiritual (balance of energetic bodies, chakras). Although Reconnective Healing® promotes healing at various levels, this healing happens not as an end in itself but as a product of a return to balance and harmony. When we are in harmony we have no diseases, we feel good, in peace, happy. That’s the goal of Reconnective ®. When we go to the doctor, he doesn’t ask us how we feel inwardly. It just asks us how we feel about our physical body to based on the symptoms to determine the medications that best suit. However, if the heart problem has to do with a betrayal that has not yet been properly accepted and with which the person may not be able to deal, for example, a woman who addresses her cardiologist will only see the clinician prescribe analyses and medications that may help in her physical condition. But as the patient is not aware of what is necessary to deal with the situation, even if the physical problem is temporarily resolved, it will manifest itself again because it has not been solved at a level above – in the energy field. It may eventually require a transplant of an organ and if that same person is already a certain age, it may be the case that he does not have the time to ruin the new organ again. That’s not to say the problem has been solved. The person remains unhappy but the difference is that he has a new physical heart, ready to damage him again as he did with the first, if he has not become aware of the changes he needs to make in himself that may go through forgiving someone, accepting a fact, etc.

Reconnective Healing® validated by Science

Several scientific studies have been and are being conducted to try to understand the spectacular effects of this healing modality, including a study conducted by Dr. William Tiller, PhD, professor emeritus at Stanford University, explains that the frequencies of Reconnective Healing® go far beyond more traditional energy therapies such as Reiki,Qi Gong and Jin Shin, using a wider spectrum of light, energy and information that was not available until now.

One of the most interesting experiences with Reconnective Healing® was performed at the University of Arizona where a DNA fragment was intentionally damaged by exposure to high temperatures being exposed to various energy therapies, namely, Reiki,Qi Gong and Jin Shin being only the Reconnective Healing® was able to repair the DNA fragment.

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