As has been done several times with the Aura Reading Therapy in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 and given that the aim of Paulo Nogueira Terapias is to bring maximum light and awareness to all people who come into contact with this project, there is an ongoing promotion limited until December 31, 2019 where you can enjoy at extremely inviting prices one or several Reconnective Healing® sessions conducted by Holistic Therapist Paulo Nogueira, Licensed Practitioner of Reconnective Healing® Level IIallowing people with the most diverse physical, emotional or mental pathologies, however challenging (cancer, cerebral palsy, joint problems, bone problems, depression, low self esteem among others), to experience the fantastic frequencies of Fifth Dimensional Healing given to us by God and brought by the hands of Dr. Eric Pearl who will bring another seminar of Reconnective Healing® and Reconnection® to Portugal this year.

To participate in this great promotion just follow the following steps:

Make like in the page Paulo Nogueira Terapias and request by private message to the page your participation in the promotion.
After confirmation by private message from the page, access this post and click on the “Share” button (in public visibility mode) and select a friend of yours. Repeat the process for each friend depending on the discount you want to get. Each share on the wall of a friend, earns a discount of 0.20€. You have only 24 hours to do the 150 shares from the moment you are given the permission by the page administrator to start the shares.
Make your appointment in the form below indicating your Facebook ID in the Message field. Next, we check the number of shares made of our post by your Facebook profile, in public visibility mode, from your wall and assign the respective discount.

For each share you make,you will be entitled to a discount of 0.20€.
For example, if you share with 134 friends, £26.80 (134 x £0.20) will be deducted from the £30 session fee, so you will only pay £3.20 for your consultation.
If you share with 150 friends, your Reconnective Healing® session will be completely free!
If you exceed 150 shares, it results in credits that can be converted into discounts for another Reconnective Healing® session.
In addition, the credits are transferable to another person, that is, if you meet, for example, a family member or friend who does not have a Facebook account but who knows that he would benefit greatly from this therapy but that the financial conditions of the same are not the best, you can offer him the credits just having to warn us. Credits are valid for one month.

Therapist: Paulo Nogueira (Licensed practitioner of Reconnective Healing® Level II)
Duration of the session: 45 mins (approximate time, variable according to the patient’s needs)
Price: 30€

Booking a session of Reconnective Healing®

With this promotion:

  • can do the session of this therapy at a price far below the average market value because when doing each sharing the value to be what you decide how much you want or can pay for your consultation
  • allows everyone access to a powerful tool of self-knowledge and life transformation regardless of their current financial status as we know that there are people who would benefit immensely from this therapy but who would have no way to pay for what the financial issue is no longer an obstacle to healing and its spiritual evolution

LEGAL NOTE: Eric Pearl, The Reconnection, LLC, ® and any person associated with this work, including but not limited to The Reconnection® and/or Reconnective Healing® make no claims, promises, representations or warranties and offer neither the diagnosis nor treatment of specific health challenges. You are solely responsible for ensuring that you continue your own treatment and medical care.
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