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The Multidimensional Therapy course has a certificate and PDF manual of the technique.

Spiritual healing always happens from the inside out. This is the prevailing paradigm in Multidimensional Therapy. In this course, you will have the opportunity to work with the energy of the heart and the Beings of Light. During the Multidimensional Therapy course, various blockages in the lives of the participants will be cleared using various initiations and meditations. Healing occurs on a multidimensional level outside of time-space.

In the Multidimensional Therapy course, students learn to use their heart as a channel for healing the seventh and ninth dimensional energies of Sirius and Orion.
Several healing and ascension works will be performed in the participants that will count with opening their hearts to the Neutral Love and Unconditional Love, tuning in the energies of Universal Peace and Love, cleaning and karmic rescues from past lives, harmonization of relationships with family members, removal of chips and implants and revocation of contracts that no longer serve the Supreme Good of the participants and future therapists.

By going through this set of meditations, participants will be invited to experience a happier life in balance, centered in a new consciousness of Oneness.