Objectives of Multidimensional Therapy
Objectives of Multidimensional Therapy

The goals of Multidimensional Therapy are quite comprehensive since in just one session several issues of the client can be worked on. The Beings of Light bring their blessings into the lives of people who come into contact with this energy in a very compelling way in terms of results for people who are seeking spiritual evolution and to look within so that they can build a better outer reality.

This therapy performed with stellar Beings of Light aims at increasing consciousness which is personally experienced by the client as a feeling of expansion, joy and well-being. This is an opportunity to receive healing from high dimensional masters from various parts of the galaxy enabling faster spiritual maturation of the Soul.

It is recommended to wait at least some time after having carried out the last session. This serves the purpose of giving the client time to become aware of the inner changes they have experienced. The Beings of Light know exactly where the causes of the problems that the person is going through in this existence are and will act accordingly. However, the therapist does not always have conscious access to what has been worked on during the session.

Other goals of Multidimensional Therapy are to clear negative emotions such as fears and worries, increase self-esteem and awareness of self-worth as well as to give awareness of prosperity and abundance.

Some cases of Multidimensional Therapy also contemplate giving more awareness about the purpose of life what in Multidimensional Therapy is called the rescue of the mission and clear limiting beliefs that are the basis of numerous processes of mental self-sabotage by the client in his life.

Multidimensional Therapy Symptoms

The symptoms of Multidimensional Therapy include lightness, feeling of well-being in the days following therapy, inner certainty that everything has always been perfect and that nothing happens by chance, deep peace, joy of being and fullness.

Beings of Light will help you accelerate your spiritual progress regardless of your religious or spiritual beliefs. For more testimonials of our sessions with Multidimensional Therapy, see the official page of our space Paulo Nogueira Terapias on Facebook.