Magnified Healing® is a tool for healing and karmic release through the use of 5th dimensional energies that draw on the Law of Mercy to soften and even nullify the Law of Karma. This healing modality allows you to cancel karmas as well as activate and expand the Triune Flame in your heart. The ultimate goal of Magnified Healing is Spiritual Ascension into the fifth dimension. However, this will only be possible when each one’s consciousness expands and evolves through Love and the Law of Forgiveness. To do this, it is necessary to recognize karma, accept it and free ourselves from it through awareness and the Violet Flame.

Magnified Healing® was brought to Earth by inspiration of the Ascended Master Kwan Yin into the minds of Gisèle King and Kathryn Anderson who, in turn, spread this gift from the Most High God of the Universe to all who feel called and prepared.