Law of Non-Attachment

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No attachment means true freedom. Isn’t that freedom the reader is looking for? For know that only with distancing from what constitutes the object of your desire can you let the Divine do its work to bring you what you want. As long as man does not understand that it is necessary to loosen the shacks of his expectations of something to which he is attached, he will never be free. You will always be a slave to your desires.

The human being struggles with the dichotomy of two fundamental values – security and freedom. You ardently want to fill both one and the other in your life. However, many times, it confuses the two. For example, in relation to money. The dear reader certainly wishes to have money. How could i otherwise ensure its survival? You might argue that you need money to feel safe. However, your lack of faith in the Divine may make you feel that all the money you can collect will never be enough to feel safe. You might argue that you do not know the surprises of the following day, the following month, the following year, the following decade, and therefore you need to be ‘safe’. This infinite need for security hides, however, deeper limiting beliefs.

It hides, for example, the lack of faith in the Divine. The less faith the person puts in the Divine, the more he thinks he has to hoard because he considers that the Divine will not do his part and that everything, entirely everything, depends on it. The less faith, the more work a person will have to undertake to make up for it. He will become a slave to labor. You’ll think it’s never going to be enough. You’ll start hoarding to build your house, to have money for your children’s college, to buy a car, to build a swimming pool, to set up your own company, to invest in savings certificates, savings accounts and retirement accounts to ensure your survival in old age, to pay your parents’ home bill, to make a journey between an endless sea of other desires.

He will probably even be convinced that when he has fulfilled some of his wishes, “he will calm down”, he will eventually “rest in peace”, having the feeling of mission accomplished. However, insecurity will continue with you, as your faithful companion, for you have sought only to satisfy your insatiable chain of external desires in the useless quest to silence the voice that screams in your consciousness. What’s that voice looking for? Why do you have such power over yourself? He tries to feel safe because he feels separated from the Source and does not believe that the Source will provide all his needs. This voice heard, through religion, thousands of times, the Lamb’s phrase when he says, “But seek first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you” (Matthew 6:33), yet he does not trust in the promise of Christ. He is a non-believer in spiritual terms – a person who does not trust that phrase that seems unenforceable to him, far from the reality of the common man. This non-believer will do everything to seek first the things that would be added to him, and only then, if there is enough time before finishing the current incarnation, devote himself to the search for the things of the highest.

This person is firmly committed to the paradigm of Duality and Materialism. She is believed to be separated from the Source. She doesn’t know she and the Fountain are one. She believes you can only have one thing or the other. This is the logical reasoning of a person who still lives in the paradigm of Duality and who does not know what it means to live in the paradigm of Unity. Living in the paradigm of Unity means that, by feeling truly One with the Divine, you can manifest all your desires without any effort, as long as you do not cling to the expectation of results, it means feeling truly joyful and satisfied as if they had already been reached.

In the phrase “But seek the Kingdom of Heaven first”, the reader will be able to see it add up to his mind. ideas of personal sacrifice and suffering. However, by thinking logically we can discover the absurdity of such a thought by asking the following question – what is the Kingdom of Heaven? Does the reader imagine that the Kingdom of Heaven is a specific place? Some religious of the Judeo-Christian tradition may think that it is indeed a specific place in space, even in another plane or dimension of higher vibratory frequency. In fact, what the Divine Master referred to does not concern a place located somewhere in space-time but rather a state of consciousness that can be attained, regardless of the reader’s location in space-time. Now, if the Kingdom of Heaven is a state of conscience, why, to achieve such a state of joy, inner peace, and full contentment, to vibrate with feelings of sadness, frustration, or fear, which are usually associated with personal sacrifice and suffering, would the reader make the reader reach the Kingdom of Heaven more quickly? Isn’t that antagonistic? What does your heart tell you about this?

It follows that the Kingdom of Heaven, as a state of consciousness, can be more easily achieved if the reader vibrates in feelings of peace, joy and full satisfaction, that is, with positive feelings and emotions. We conclude that if we comply with the first part of “we seek first the Kingdom of Heaven”, that is, to remain in a state of joy, gratitude and peace, we will easily be granted the second part of “all these things will be added to you”. «All these things» refer to the object of desire to have car, house, swimming pool, money to travel, girlfriend or boyfriend, children, companies, disease cure, wisdom, prestige, fame, academic titles among thousands of other things that the reader can have in mind.

Something very important should also be considered. God does not judge the merits of desires. Who taught what God judged were religions. For millennia, the common of mortals (in fact immortal in spirit though not in the flesh) believed, and a good portion still believes that the Creator judges spirits incarnated and disembodied on the basis of their virtues and defects. They forget something extremely important – spirits are nothing more than individualized consciences of the Creator himself. If the Creator were to judge the spirits, He would be judging Himself, or rather the individualized parts of Himself. The Creator of All That Is does not judge. You just love it. The Creator loves all Creation with unconditional love. Unconditional love presupposes non-judgment. Only by living in the paradigm of Unity, we can practice non-judgment. When we are in Unity, we love unconditionally and when we love unconditionally, we do not judge. An example of this was Jesus when he refrained from judging the woman caught in blatant adultery and brought into His presence by the scribes and Pharisees. This teaching of non-judgment when He, turning to the offender, affirms “Neither I sentence you” expresses the state of Unconditional Love in which Jesus was.

Be One with what you want

In the paradigm of Unity, the whole manifestation of thought by the reader will be carried out spontaneously and effortlessly. When the reader is in Unity, it is already one with its object of desire. Since you’re one with the object of desire, you don’t want it anymore. Why want something you already own? However, it must be taken into account that although you have not yet really satisfied your wish, you should feel as if you have already achieved it. The great poet Fernando Pessoa perfectly illustrates this constant ambition of the human ego to experience something he does not own or know in the poem I don’t want roses, as long as there are roses:

“I don’t want roses, as long as there are roses.
I want them only when there can be no
What a thing I’m going to do
That any hand can harvest?

I don’t want the night but when the dawn
It made it in gold and blue to thin.
What my soul ignores
That’s what I want to possess.

What for?… If I knew, I wouldn’t
Verses to say that going the do not know.
I have a poor, cold soul.
Oh, with what alms will I warm it?…”

A human being, living according to the paradigm of Duality, merely feels his soul seranzando by the sterile harvest of the desires of the ego, trying to harvest in vain, the fruit of security that fears in not arriving. This “poor and cold soul” can only warm itself in the feeling of Unity with the Source. When it came to this state, all the egoic desire is extinguished. Before that, while it remains stuck with the paradigm of Duality, in which one sees itself separated from the Whole, it satiating some desires corresponding to mere alms, if we consider the superior perspective of the Divine Spark.

The Whole corresponds to the non-manifest seeking manifestation in an infinite field of possibilities. All that exists in action is a concrete manifestation of something that existed in potential and that was collapsed by a consciousness that desired.

Every desire that the human being has originates in the ego. The ego desires something because it feels that it lacks something to feel fulfilled. The ego feels bad about this lack of something, with this lack of fulfillment and will try, in every way, to satisfy a whole chain of desires – home, family, money, relationships, health, physical aspect among others – to achieve a feeling that can not achieve until surrendering and letting the Whole work through itself.

For this reason, the reader may have already experienced in his life, a frustration of waiting, active or passive, of several years until he has a wish fulfilled. In fact, the desire did not take several years to come true. What took several years was the reader’s ego to go out of the way to let the Whole manifest the desire. Desire can be instantly realized by the Whole. It is as easy for the Whole to manifest a euro coin in his pocket as to manifest a diamond-madeplanet 1. The effort is exactly the same. The human being seeks to become what he already is. The human being, ignorant of his divine nature and capacity for co-creation, wishes to create alone, separated from the Whole. In reality, separation is impossible because the Whole, the Source, is everywhere and is all that exists. As the human being exists, the Source must logically also exist in it. However, the ego gives you the illusion of being separated from everything and everyone. The ego defines the limits of a human being, gives him the notion of boundary between the “i” and the others. Were it not for the ego, the human being would have no limits, since the Source that dwells in it knows no bounds for what he can manifest. The billions of galaxies in this local universe are proof that there is no limit to the creative power of the Source. Would the dear reader doubt that there was any difficulty or the slightest effort to the Creator to manifest to him a car, a house, a relationship, the cure of a disease or anything else that is his wish, when that same Creator, is in fact the author of billions of galaxies, with billions of stars each?

Believing in the Creator’s difficulty in fulfilling his wish, whatever it may be, would be comparable to believing that an adult African elephant would have difficulty crushing a peanut under his paw.

The irony of desire

The more intense the connection to the result of our desire, the lower the ability to accomplish it. Gregg Braden2 in The Divine Matrix states that:

“As our state of consciousness matures, in which we know we can change reality, it also seems to become less important to do so.”

People often question, without understanding, the Law of Non-Attachment, because their prayers to the Creator for the healing of their sick relatives were ineffective. The reason is due precisely to the despair in which people say their prayers. The emotion of despair (implies lack of hope, in other words, lack of faith) when accompanying a prayer to the Creator, to some saint, to Jesus, Mother Mary, to Ganesha, Buddha, Swami Vishwananda among other enlightened teachers, has implied a very strong dependence on assisting or provoking healing. These kind of fervent prayers, involved in despair, only reinforce the exact opposite of the result that is intended! If you don’t, we’ll reason. When we ask for something with a strong dependence on the result, we are reinforcing the conviction, before the Creator, that what we are asking of him has not yet occurred, that is, the need has not yet been met. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be asking so desperately, that is, begging. In this way, we are making even more real, the reality in which the disease exists.

Thus, we often believe that asking the Creator many times for something will cause Him to respond more quickly to our request. In a way of thinking still quite infantilized and primary, it is as if there is a line of requests from humanity to the Creator and, the more times the same request is made, the higher priority it gains. Unfortunately, the number of people who maintain an image of the Creator as if he were a very old, anthropomorphized figure, of great power, of capricious personality and who judges the requests of every human being as if it were a general manager of a large company. Because Jesus used the familiar term Father to teach people of that time who did not yet know the so-called intelligent energy field that permeates everything between each subatomic particle, a good part of the world’s population still holds in its subconscious the idea of an old male archetype with white beards who individually decides the merit of each request that is coming to him as if it were a fax machine. It should be taken into note that God is not a Soul. It’s the Whole. A good portion of the population sometimes seems not yet to be able to detach themselves from the idea of thinking specifically about the nature of God and about what or who God is. God as the primary cause of all things, intelligence organizing all that exists can only be perceived abstractly through the feeling of Love. It is the non-manifest that manifests itself in every way we can perceive or imagine. It is the pure energy of creative love. It is Pure Consciousness that creates everything with Love because it is made of Love. All that emanat from Him is creation with the purest Love. God can’t help but create. It continues to create this instant when the reader is reading this article. It creates and sustains all creation simultaneously. His energy lies in the space between each subatomic particle that together with other subatomic particles form each atom. If God were to stop creating and maintain all that exists in every nanosecond of existence, the entire multiverse would collapse.

God is the pure intelligent consciousness that encodes energy through information. Everything in the multiverse is energy and information. God creates matter by reducing the frequency of vibration of energy waves.

It is important to understand what the Creator is so that this understanding results more effectively from our prayers.

Looking at the context of Gregg Braden’s phrase, we understand that the more advanced our consciousness is, the more accomplished we feel and, therefore, the more easily we can feel that everything has always been, is and will be perfect. As our consciousness increases, our power to change the world around us also increases. Paradoxically, our ability to accept the world as it is and to love it unconditionally as it is, causes the will or urgency to change it to diminish.

I often receive in my therapies, clients mothers who want to change their children, wives who want to change their husbands… This desire for the other to change sometimes hides the absence of unconditional love for their children and husbands. Sometimes my clients try to mask this absence of love and acceptance, out of fear of their therapist’s judgment, arguing that they only seek to change the person because “it is better for that person”. I make them understand that before the desire to change someone close to them, there must be a feeling of unconditional acceptance of that same someone. Only then can you decide if it is still worth while you even feel the need to find the other person you relate to to change some aspect of your personality or behavior.

The more you focus on what you don’t want, the more you get what you don’t want.

The reader, when he prays, he must feel as if what he desires is already fully realized, deep down, as if he were absolutely sure, in terms of thought and feeling, that his subject is already attended to and treated. This is called faith. Thus, prayer must be performed with joy and detachment. Done in this way, it will be enough for the reader to ask the Creator only once. Then, deliver, let go of the need for the results and go do something you like. Don’t think about it anymore. Just give it up. Faith means giving to the Creator the result of any situation.

Once again, in The Divine Matrix, Gregg Braden denotes that Jesus’ famous phrase about asking God for something in prayer may have suffered from some translation errors over time and a more recent and reliable translation of the ancient Dead Sea manuscripts written in Aramaic would be:

“All the things you ask for simply and directly…
from within My name – I will give them to you. So far you haven’t done it.
I asked, therefore, for no hidden reason
And surround yourselves with your answer –
Let yourselves be enveloped by what you desire,
So that your satisfaction may be complete”

“Surround yourselves with your answer” means to have the feeling that the answer has already been given at the time the request is made. In reality, the answer has even been given in a parallel reality. The reader must understand that there is an infinite set of parallel realities in which everything that can happen is already, in fact, happening. What the reader must do in his prayer is to tune in to the parallel reality in which what he wants is actually something that is happening at that moment. How do you tune in to the parallel reality you want? With the feeling, of course it is! The reader must tune in to a parallel reality by changing his frequency to the frequency of the feeling he would have if he were experiencing that reality that is asking the Source that Everything Is.

Asking for “no hidden motive” means that the request must be made in a manner totally devoid of judgment in relation to the outcome. The reader when he or she issues his prayer, he should not judge whether or not he deserves his request to be fulfilled. You must refrain from any judgment in relation to the outcome of what you are asking for. There lies the great irony! How can the reader be in a state of non-judgment if, on several occasions, extremely personal issues are at stake such as the cure of the serious illness of a close family member, the entry of a child of his to his in college, the continuity of his loving relationship, his credibility in the professional environment, his stay in a certain host country among several others that greatly affect his personal life? The irony lies precisely in the fact that the more the reader’s desire for something, the less the reader’s ability to manifest that same reality. If the reader has a disease, the more he desires his cure, the greater conviction he will have that he is ill. The more you want to heal, the more you admit you’re sick. The more you want money, the more you admit you don’t have it. The more you want to be rich, the more you reinforce the belief and feeling that you are poor.

Imagine the reader who is a Reikivolunteer who lovingly travels to a hospital to make a reiki donation to one of his patients. When ministering reiki, you should refrain entirely from desiring the cure of your patient. The reader’s mind may, at this very moment, already be asking “What do you mean? What makes me go to the hospital is my patient’s illness, is the desire to cure him.” What moves the reader should not be a feeling of sadness and frustration at assisting his sick patient, but rather the joyful feeling of being a witness to his totally healthy state or, at least, already in full recovery. You should remember that you are not going to visit a sick person, but witness ing a person who is healthy. When you are standing, ministering Reiki, leaning on your patient’s hospital bed, visualizing the energy of green, golden and sometimes violet color, emanating from your hands, mentalize your patient already fully recovered and, entertain in your heart, feeling of joy and gratitude that your patient is already fully healthy. This will also emanay thought-forms and feeling-forms of a state of health, vitality and joy towards your patient rather than emanato feelings of worry, sadness, anguish and impotence before your state.

Do you understand the difference? This case may even seem familiar to you, you may even possibly meet someone with whom this situation has already occurred.

In Mark 11:24, it is written:

23rd And I certainly assure you that if any person commands this mountain, ‘Arise and cast yourself into the sea, and there is no doubt in your heart, but believe that what you ask will be done, it will be done to you.’ 24 Wherefore, I say unto you, Whatever you pray, have faith that you have already received it, and so shall it be so unto you.”

Again, in the text of the Evangelist, the Divine and Beloved Master, asserts “have faith that you have already received it”. It is precisely at this point that the vast majority of human prayers, issued, secondly, by billions of spirits in the various dimensions of the Universe, fail. The cause is lack of faith. The reader may answer “But When I pray, I have faith that my request will be fulfilled in the future by God. Isn’t that called faith?”. No. Faith is not believing that something will come true in the future. Faith is to believe that this something is already realized in the present. That’s faith.

It is worth noting that the master says “have faith that you have already received it”. He does not say “have faith that you will receive it in the future”. This nuance makes all the difference! It’s not just a detail. It’s the whole difference! It is the reason why since the reader was born, immense requests from him to the Universe have taken so long to come true or, simply, have not even manifested themselves yet.

The past and future are mental constructions departing from the linear tendency with which humans process the notion of time. In fact, what we call the past and future are mere thoughts. They are past memories and future projections. There is only the present moment – the eternal Now. For this reason, a desire cannot be manifested at a time that does not exist, in this case, in the future, since the future does not exist and it is only a mere mental construction. Asking for something to happen in the future is the same thing as sending an international order by post, placing as the recipient’s country a country that does not exist. What does the reader think will happen to the order? Do you think you’re going to make it to your destination? Of course i’m not. It will probably be returned to the sender who will receive it back with a feeling of frustration. So why do you continue to say your prayers to God at a time address that doesn’t exist?

The Law of Non-Attachment implies Faith. Faith implies savoring the feeling of the fulfillment of desires, in the present moment, as if they were already fulfilled. Savoring the feeling implies joy and inner peace. Man often ignores the paradox. He generally argues: “If I have fulfilled the desire, then yes, I will feel this inner peace, this joy, that satisfaction. I feel sad and frustrated because the desire has not yet come true.” By feeling sad and frustrated, he is attracting through the frequency of these emotions, a parallel reality that vibrates in that same frequency through the Law of Resonance (also called the Law of Harmony).

The reader should understand that it is also a given co-creator who has in itself the capacity inherited from the Source that created it in the same way that the leaf of the tree has the same DNA of the branch where it is, the trunk or the root of that same tree. The party has contained in itself the information of the Whole. Mathematically, it’s a fractal.

As co-creator that is, the reader is, at every moment, tuning into every parallel reality that already exists in the present moment (and all possibilities exist potentially in the present moment) according to the feeling it is emitting. God is the creator of all infinite possibilities, deep down, a field of infinite potentiality of parallel realities. The reader, on the other hand, is the one who tunes in to one of these same parallel realities and collapses them through his attention to the reality in which he finds himself, using his free will.

It is as foolish to maintain a sense of negative frequency and to expect a positive reality to be manifested as to sowe a walnut on earth and to expect an apple tree to be born.

The feeling of joy and gratitude at the present moment is therefore the key to obtaining what you want in your prayers.


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2nd Gregg Braden, a former computer systems designer, is the author of several New York Times bestsellers. This author is one of several contemporary personalities responsible for making the necessary bridge between Science and Spirituality.
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