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A book can make a difference in a person’s life. There are books that mark a lifetime by awakening consciousness that awaken in their readers, opening them to new possibilities to interpret themselves and the reality around them. This article results from the compilation of the succinct description of all the works already read by Paulo Nogueira since the beginning of his awareness and his spiritual journey.

Knowledge is power and reaches a point where the mind, saturated with new ideas, values and empowering beliefs, will make a leap to a new, more evolved state, in which the Self can manifest itself more easily when the ego understands certain universal truths and begins to surrender. To evolve, the mind needs information to feed itself and the spirit of Meditation to be performed. Thus, the two tools – knowledge and meditation – go hand in hand.

Living with ghosts – Encounters with the paranormal

Authors: Aelwyn Roberts and J. Helwyn Roberts
Publisher: Editorial Print
Pages: 216
Year of issue: April 1997
Description: This book describes several encounters with disembodied spirits present in various dwellings and how they were referred to the higher plane. It is a fantastic book in which it deals in detail with the state of suffering in which some spirits are found and how much they can be so close to the convictions they have maintained as incarnated.

The Spirits’ Book

Author: Allan Kardec
Publisher: Editorial Print
Description: This book is mandatory to know the bases of spiritist doctrine. It is fundamental for the knowledge of both spiritists (followers of spiritist doctrine) and spiritualists/universalists (spirituality students). In it we find immense answers to the most diverse questions of the human being about the afterlife and the disembodied.

The Mediums’ Book

Author: Allan Kardec
Publisher: Editorial Print
Description: In this book we find described all kinds of mediumship. A fundamental book to understand mediumship with rigour and exemption.

In-formed minds – Waves of In-formation: transfer ences and other infinite possibilities

Author: Helium Couto
Publisher: Linear B Publisher
Pages: 459
Year of issue: March 2015
Description: This book is fundamental to begin to understand the deep connection between Spirituality and Quantum Physics through the use of the tool developed by Professor Hélio Couto that aims at the expansion of consciousness. Harmonic Resonance is the object of study of this work that tries to unravel how waves of information can be transferred to a person’s mind. Information always has as its origin the quantum vacuum and it is from it that the archetypes that take shape in the form of several illustrious figures that marked the history of humanity in the most diverse fields are constituted.

The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life – Volume 1

Author: Drunvalo Melchizedek
Publisher: Thought Publishing House
Pages: 294
Year of issue: 2009
Description: The Old Secret of the Flower of Life contains several revelations that will make the reader rethink immense “facts” that were taught to him in history classes. This book, which I consider of enormous importance to all those who want to understand the relationship between Mathematics, Physics and Geometry with Spirituality and Metaphysics, addresses the origin of humans (Homo Sapiens Sapiens) and the various root races that inhabited planet Earth.
This work addresses the Lemurian, Atlantean and Egyptian civilization so far as the Greeks and later the Romans and how these civilizations left their mark on the present civilization.
It also mentions the importance of Thoth, the atlantean, for humanity in building a network of christconsciousness that enables humanity to return to an unconditional love consciousness.

This book covers the story of Enlil and Enki, the Sumerian civilization, the change of the earth’s magnetic poles, the life of Pharaoh Akhenaten, the relationship of the Flower of Life with Genesis, the Metatron Cube among other topics that I consider of central importance to every spiritual seeker who wants to better understand the human being.

The Caibalion – The three started

Translator: Lourenço Prado (Rosabis Camaysar)
Publisher: Maitreya Publications
Pages: 142
Year of issue: May 2018
Description: The Caibalion – the three initiates contains the 7 hermetic principles that govern the Universe. These principles were enunciated by one of the greatest, if not even the greatest sage ever, Thoth, known to the Greeks as Hermes Trismegisto, who served as inspiration for Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. By applying the 7 hermetic principles,the student can become a master.

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