Usually, the multidimensional therapist realizes the end of a Multidimensional Therapy session when he/she no longer feels a connection with the teams of Light Beings that are at that moment working on the client. The sensation is similar to that of being with closed eyes in a room with the light on and someone turns off the light, that is, despite being physically closed eyes we can discern the reduction of ambient brightness.

When the therapist is focused in the heart, feeling the intense love energy of the Beings of Light, he feels a special luminosity. When they’re gone, that luminosity disappears.

Sometimes, not only the multidimensional therapist is aware of the end of the session but also the client who in numerous sessions has reported to me that he felt a huge flash of white light that was then completely extinguished the next moment. I see this as a farewell to the Beings of Light in a big way! 🙂