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Darkness is nothing more than light to a lesser extent. Many students of Spirituality still conceive reality as a battlefield between light and darkness in which soldiers on one side are totally opposed to soldiers on the other side. However, this is not true as shown next. These soldiers all fight on the same side, on the same scale, although positioned to different degrees of scale.

Every serious seeker of Spirituality should know the 7 Hermetic Laws. Understanding the depth of such Laws, the student will be able to understand how the Universe works and undertake changes and decisions themselves that help them move from a lower degree of light to a greater degree.

O Caibalion. book containing the 7 Hermetic Laws, contains the key to understanding darkness through the Law of Polarity. The Law of Polarity postulates that what we call opposites such as hot and cold, light and darkness, high and low, fat and thin, west and east, are just two different degrees of the same thing. Transmutation is a change in the same polarization line. In this way, when it comes to temperature, what is cold can become hot, what is cloverus can become luminous, hatred can become love, fear can become courage. Thus, let us understand that darkness and light are relative and not absolute concepts.

It can be said that all people are of light because they undoubtedly have positive qualities within themselves such as compassion, love, joy, peace, willingness to do good among others but it can also be said that these same people are of darkness because beyond these positive qualities, they gather within themselves, negative qualities such as lust, idleness, avarice, selfishness and pride. Thus, it will be puerile to state that a certain person is of darkness or is of light, given that darkness and light are just terms to define two points along a scale of measure of the same thing. A thermometer meters the temperature and may indicate cold or hot according to what you have arbitrated to consider that something is cold and something is hot.

Light is everywhere, in all dimensions (vibration planes with specific frequencies), including in the dimensions of darkness, that is, dimensions that have little light but still have Light. Therefore, there is no absolute evil. What exists is light in a very small amount along a scale that aswells the amount of light. Thus also, ones that vibrate in the lower dimensions of the spiritual plane also have light though reduced. Therefore, not even the black and major dark wizards who command thousands of phalanges in the umbraline dimensions are free of light.

Yin and Yang’s symbol shows just that. In the black part of the symbol, there is a white circle and on the white part there is a small black circle. This means that even people with large amounts of light still have darkness to transmute and that people who have very little light (black part) still have light.

As Caibalion teaches us, “Good and Evil are not absolute; we call one end of the scale Good and the other Evil.”

Only things of the same class can be transmuted into another. Thus, a room can pass from darkness to light, lighting an electric lamp, that is, increasing the amount of photon in the environment. A person can increase the temperature of a room by turning on the air conditioner which will raise the vibration of the air molecules in that room. It can also transmute a feeling of hatred, understand very little love, into more love for something or someone. In a way, one can only transmute things of the same nature and never of different natures.

So, for example, you can’t transmute love into cold, hot in dark or fat on top. You can only transmute things of the same class or nature by varying the point at which this thing is on the scale up or down, to what we have to call positive or negative.

If we affirm that a person is of darkness or light, we must assume a point of comparison. If we use Jesus, Buddha or another being who has attained enlightenment as a term of comparison, then practically the 7680 million human beings on this planet will naturally be of darkness regardless of their willingness to want to improve their moral qualities and their effort to improve themselves on the highest values of Spirituality. We have already compared ourselves to a great major of darkness that has not incarnated for more than 1000 years and who commands more than a million phalanges in the lower dimensions of the spiritual plan to participate in satanic rituals, black masses, human sacrifices of babies and children, obsidia leaders of countries to start wars that generate fear and blood, accepts orders of works of black magic of various kinds, encourages people to suicide through their slaves among other barbarities, so it would be fair to say that virtually all human beings incarnated on Earth are of Light, relative to this major.

When we consider Evil to be one end of a ruler and the Good as the other end, we will see infinite divisions between the two ends. Each person is contained in one of these infinite points of this range. It should be considered that this is just an approach given that the ends of this rule would, in practice, be unattainable given that they are endless. Thus, being in a range of darkness or in a range of light is relative. We must thus move away from the dogmatism of the preconceived ideas of what it is to be in darkness or to be in light.

We must understand that in practice, in every human being, as long as there is selfishness, pride, lust, idleness, avarice, greed, envy, jealousy, attachment and ignorance, this same human being already has darkness in him. However, if this same human being has the desire to evolve, to do good, to improve himself and to learn the Universal Laws, then this human being is on the path from darkness to light.

Sometimes it is claimed that darkness and light do not mix. This is not entirely true if we consider that darkness is part of the same nature of light though in opposite polarities and, although they do not touch, they are connected throughout a range that goes from one end to the other. We must remember that the Light exists everywhere and in all beings, including those we consider quite clover. From the highest to the highest planes, the Light is in all.

In order to exercise one of the ways of changing mental vibration, we need to focus our attention on a more desirable state. As Lourenço Prado in O Caibalion – The three initiates,“The Will Directs Attention, and Attention Changes the Vibration”. Hence, in practice, when someone feels sad, depressed, spiteful or immersed in guilt or any other undesirable mental and emotional state, when practicing Meditation, that is, by consciously placing their attention on something in the present moment, their vibration rises if this meditator focuses on something positive. Prayer itself is a form of meditation since when the person prays, he is in the present moment, directing by the force of his Will, his Attention to a divine entity or energy such as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Ganesha, Archangel Michael, Ogum, Oxossi, a stellar being of great dimension or any other. By focusing your attention on this energy, you begin to elevate your vibration by induction. In this way, this person will be by the Law of Polarity, to transmute sadness into joy, love into hatred, fear in courage, through the attention directed to an entity that possesses the virtues that it wishes to achieve. It does this in the same way that a hot metallic object raises the temperature of the water when placed in contact with it, that is, it acts by induction.

This is followed by an important hermetic formula in The Caibalion:

“To destroy an unpleasant order of mental vibration, set the Principle of Polarity in motion and focus on the Opposite Pole to what you wish to suppress. I destroyed the unpleasant by changing its polarity.”

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