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By joining the promotion, the price of your consultation will be reduced from 60€ (market value of a session of this therapy) to 45€.

An Aura Reading Therapy session not only diagnoses the entire current moment of the person’s life, but also alters it according to their ultimate good. For this reason, this therapy is only done again at least 3 months after the last one!

At the end of your session, we will send you the audio file (WMA format) of your reading for you to recall.

This promotion is valid
in December only.

Paulo Nogueira is an Aura Reading Therapist since 2010 and has performed over 1,300 aura readings since he started his spiritual journey.

Consultations under 45€

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If you share with 200 friends, your aura reading consultation will be completely free!
If you exceed 200 invitations, it results in credits that can be converted into discounts for Multidimensional Therapy.

With this promotion:

  • you can have a session of this therapy at a price well below the market value (60€) because by doing like the value goes from 60€ to 45€.
  • for each share you get a discount of 0.20€ so you decide how much you want or can pay for your consultation
  • allows everyone access to a powerful tool of self-knowledge and life transformation regardless of their current financial status as we know that there are people who would benefit immensely from this therapy but who would have no way to pay for what the The financial issue is no longer an obstacle to their spiritual evolution

Remote consulting

  • The aura readings can be in person in Lisbon or at a distance.
  • Remote aura readings can be done via Skype, MSN or Facebook webcam.
  • For distance consultations, if you have problems with your internet connection or if it is slow, you can sign up for an aura reading without having to be online.
  • In the distance consultation, the recording of your reading will be delivered to you via a download link.

If, for any reason, you cannot travel, the consultation can be held at your home if you are in the area of the municipality of Lisbon to which a travel cost of 10€ will be added.