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What does Kundalini Reiki allow?

Kundalini Reiki allows certain healing channels and chakras to be opened and the practitioner to have access to the earth’s energy that is an integral part of universal energy.

The root chakra, an energetic center located at the base of the spine, acts as an entrance of kundalini energy.


The Kundalini Reiki was brought to the physical plane through Ole Gabrielsen, a meditation master who inspired many people around the world.
Kundalini Reiki is the direct result of Ole Gabrielsen’s immense hours of meditation spent in holy communion with Master Kuthumi (cited as Koot Hoomi), choan of the second ray.


Kundalini Reiki is especially suitable for people who have had problems with the awakening of their kundalini energy. All persons interested in learning Kundalini Reiki, should start with Kundalini Reiki Level I even if they have already been tuned or started in other Reiki systems.

How to receive tunings

Tunings can be received in person or remotely and there is no difference between one mode and another. The future practitioner should be relaxed, lying comfortably on a bed or table or sitting in a chair with his eyes closed, with his palms facing up. The practitioner does not have to do anything except relax and enjoy the experience, which will last about 20 to 30 minutes, and when the tuning ends, usually the practitioner realizes that he has finished or simply fell asleep during the tuning and woke up later, already after it has finished. If you fall asleep, there’s no problem.

Kundalini Reiki I

In the tuning procedure in Kundalini Reiki all blockages in the chakras are removed. The main energy meridian (sushumna), from the crown chakra to the root chakra is cleanand prepared for the opening that the practitioner will experience in tuning into the Kundalini Reiki II. The ability of the heart chakra to receive and send energy is increased as well as the energy channel from the hands to the crown chakra.

Healing procedure

1º Sit the person (energy receiver) comfortably in a chair. The receiver should be with your eyes closed. Then the therapist places his hands on the person’s shoulders.
2º The therapist empties his mind through meditation or breathing exercises and thinks “Reiki” to start the flow of energy. The therapist’s tuned healing intention will cause the energy to automatically begin to flow freely to the receiver by moving it to where it is needed. The energy is smart. The therapist doesn’t have to concentrate. Just relax and enjoy the energy you’re transmitting.
3º When about 3 to 5 minutes have passed, the therapist will feel that the energy has stopped flowing or may feel a little tired. That means the cure is complete. The healing energy will, however, continue to work on the receiver.

Kundalini Reiki II

From the 2nd level of Kundalini Reiki, the therapist instead of thinking “Reiki” should think “Kundalini Reiki”. Now, after this level, kundalini fire will be used as part of the healing energy.

Kundalini Reiki Meditation

After tuning into the second level of Kundalini Reiki, the practitioner can take part in a special meditation for those tuned at this level and later. Meditation lasts from 5 to 10 minutes.

Kundalini Reiki meditation will strengthen the energy of the Kundalini and increase, for a brief period, the capacity of the secondary chakras of the palms.

Procedure for meditation Kundalini Reiki

1º Sit in a chair or lie on a bed or table comfortably with your eyes closed.
2nd Think “Kundalini Reiki Meditation”. The process will start and automatically stop between 5 to 15 minutes later.
3º Simply relax and enjoy the energy.

To achieve maximum effect, this meditation should be performed every day to raise the vibration and maximize the cleansing of energy channels.
When the practitioner uses this technique in the Kundalini Reiki, he only receives as much energy as the one he can deal with and needs every moment and no more. The practitioner using this technique will never receive more energy than the one he can handle. This is one of the reasons why Kundalini Reiki is safe and applies to the healing of itself, others and to Kundalini Reiki meditation.

Kundalini Reiki III – Master Level

Previous tunings are strengthened and the capacity of the communication chakra, solar plexus and root is further increased.
The recommended minimum interval between kundalini reiki II and Kundalini Reiki III is 10 days.
At master level, the practitioner can tune other people into this healing system.

How to tune in to others

The procedure for tuning other people into this healing system is extremely simple.
1º Ask your own Higher Self access to the tunings (this procedure is only possible if the master has all the tunings of Kundalini Reiki)
2º Ask your guides and Master Kuthumi to assist in the tuning process

Example of tuning in Kundalini Reiki

Ask your Higher I: “I ask that (name of the tuning) be tuned in Kundalini Reiki 1”. The request must be made with intent, faith, focused on the heart and total respect for the energies involved, guides and Master Kuthumi.
After the request, the tuning starts and will stop after about 25 minutes.
When you are in person tuning in to a group of people in Kundalini Reiki 2, you can perform the following practical exercise: ask them to tune in to feel the head area 40 cms above before and after tuning.
In this way, the tuning ones will be able to feel the difference between the flame of the active and inactive Kundalini. Face-to-face tuning mode is the same as remote mode.
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