The Subtle Bodies

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The subtle bodies as well as the physical body are characterized by a certain anatomy and can be affected by various pathologies. The 3 lower subtle bodies maintain the approximate shape of the physical body and consist of various subtle energies that surround the physical body (called the soma). Our aura is a reflection of the energies of these bodies which project outwards and presents itself as a luminous, ovoid-shaped envelope which can expand or contract according to circumstances, emotions and thoughts.
In the same way that microwaves, radio waves, electricity, infrared waves and satellite waves are not visible to the human eye although they can be detected with the appropriate equipment, also the 6 subtle bodies that extend beyond the physical body are not visible by most people except people with clairvoyance or equipped with instruments such as the Kirlian machine but only to the first layers of the aura.

Physical body

The physical body consists of the most tangible manifestation of our consciousness. Its function is to be in the Here and Now, to be aware of what we do: speaking, walking, eating, etc. The problems that affect the physical body are disease, aging, and death.

Etheric body

The etheric body consists of a thin invisible layer, about 2 cm thick, surrounding the physical body. It is in this body that energy is reflected when it flows through the meridians and chakras. Consciousness in this body is expressed in terms of physical sensations such as pain or pleasure. Many of our dreams can be found in the etheric body. With the help of mantras and symbols we can influence the functioning of this part of the aura. This body is connected to the root chakra.

Emotional body

The emotional body is oval shaped and contains the previous 2 (physical body and etheric body). This body reflects the feelings and emotions we feel. Emotions and feelings like joy, hope, love, anger, pity, sadness, hatred, bitterness, surprise among others can all be found here. The emotional body is also connected to our past which can cause problems. This body contains desires from the past and these desires can cause tension. It is important to learn how to deal with different emotions throughout the day. Otherwise, there is a risk that they will be suppressed and stored in the emotional body, which can lead to various blockages and disturbances later on, leading to medical problems. This body is connected to the emotion chakra.

Mental body

All mental, cognitive, memory, associative functions, and which are concentrated in the so-called Intellectual Center are born from the Mental Body. For those who possess LUNAR Mind Body, its color is yellow and its cells are filamentous (reminiscent of muscle cells). And for those who have already fabricated a SOLAR Mental Body, its color is like the gold of a thousand bright suns.

When the Mind is under heavy load (excessive study, thinking, reasoning, etc.) or suffers a shock, coming from terrible and strong news, accident, poisoning, black magic, negative telluric or cosmic radiation, then it has its filamentous cells destroyed, to a greater or lesser degree, thus creating “holes” where deleterious energies or mental larvae penetrate, causing the so-called “mental diseases”.

Many people suffer from mental illnesses and ordinary medicine, however efficient and advanced, cannot help effectively. Some of these problems could be migraine, ringing in the ears, labyrinthitis, schizophrenia, psychoses in various degrees, lack of memory, brain damage from accidents, epilepsy etc.

The mental body has the function of acquiring knowledge. The mental body reflects our logical mind, our rational, intellectual part and an active way of thinking.

We shape our reality through our mind. Our mind is the builder of our reality. It reflects our ability to develop our learning and personality. Mental health and mental illness are reflected at this level. Connects to the Solar Plexus chakra.

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