At a certain point in my life, I needed to leave religion in order to find God in myself. It was actually a journey into myself that started around the age of 21. I found God through Spirituality and not religion. In order to find Spirituality, I needed to follow a more rational path, since my background in Computer Engineering pushed me to do so, that is, to understand the divine algorithm through which the Universe works. To understand the Universe as if it were a computer program, to study its rules, its conditions, basically, to study the Spiritual Laws that make the Universe work as a harmonious whole in which all the actors evolve (Law of Evolution postulated by Allan Kardec in The Spirits’ Book).

To understand the Universe we need to study Spirituality, Philosophy and Science, namely Classical Physics and Quantum Physics. When we study, we acquire knowledge that changes the way we see the world, in essence, our perception. Since the world we see is pure perception, when we alter our perception, automatically, our world changes. In the path of understanding the Universe we must take into account several concepts:

The space

What is the space between each subatomic particle that forms the atoms of which the whole material universe, that is, all baryonic matter, is made up? What is between an electron and the nucleus of a hydrogen atom? The reader may respond that there is room. Of what then is space constituted?

About space, physicist Konrad Finagle (1858-1936) asks the following question:

“Consider what would happen if you removed space from among matter. Everything in the universe would compact into a volume not much larger than that of a speck of dust… it is space that prevents everything from happening in the same place.”

Computer models calculate that the total matter of the universe could be compressed to the size of a pea.

Cosmologist Joel Primack of the University of California, Santa Cruz, meanwhile, postulates:

“The big bang did not occur somewhere in space; it occupied the entirety of space.”

Gregg Braden, author of The Divine Matrix, meanwhile, states:

“The big bang was space itself exploding and transforming into a new configuration of energy, in the form of that same energy!”