Reincarnation is a gift that God grants to all human beings with the purpose of improving themselves and having the happy opportunity to correct past mistakes. Through reincarnation, God demonstrates His generosity.

As Kahlil Gibran states in The Great Book of Love, “Remembrance is a form of encounter. Forgetfulness is a form of freedom”, the forgetting or, archiving of the memories of the previous life that occurs at the moment of birth, is the mechanism through which, each human being, can live his life as if it were the first one, as if he did not have the chains of his past mistakes torturing him.

The details of each incarnation plan are partially chosen in agreement with each person’s spiritual mentor and with higher spirits who oversee the evolution of Souls here on Earth. The degree of participation of the spirit in choosing parts of his own reincarnation program depends on his evolutionary degree. Therefore, we understand that the more evolved a spirit is, greater degree of free-will he conquers and therefore, more prominent he can be, when elaborating his evolution plan for reincarnation, being able to choose details such as parents, genetics, diseases to have, body sex, sexual orientation, professional area to occupy, loving companions, children, negative events for learning, positive events to help his mission, reunions with friend and enemy spirits and dates of these reunions among many other aspects.

When it comes to a umbral spirit that due to the continuous rejection to the Light, insists on continuing rooted in darkness, many years after his disincarnation, there is often a compulsory reincarnation since that spirit is not in emotional and mental conditions to make his own choices that are more suitable for his evolution and moral compensation to those that he harmed. In these cases, reported in the work Obreiros da Vida Eterna (Workers of the Eternal Life) by the spirit André Luíz and psychographed by Chico Xavier, these spirits go directly from the sub-crustal energetic layer of the Earth, which is usually called darkness or Thick Umbral, to a new incarnation, going then to reincarnate, in general, in very difficult conditions, such as bodies with several kinds of physical and mental deficiency, countries or regions with serious political, social and economical problems, among others, and with relatives with whom they acted in previous lives not very harmonious.

In the case of spirits of a better evolving degree, although still considered inferior and, therefore, subject to the Law of Reincarnation, reincarnation is already partially chosen in some details by those same reincarnating spirits, together with their guides and other superior spirits who are responsible for the collective evolution of a wide group of spirits. Thus, for example, if there is a plan by the Superior Spirituality to introduce on Earth a certain organization or social movement that will facilitate the evolution of Humanity, it will be deliberated what role each spirit will play in this collective project, in common agreement with all the spirits who will participate in this project and who will be the physical implanters, while the Superior Spirituality and the guides will give support from the spiritual plane.

The advent of Spiritism, the Discoveries, as well as social, scientific and technological revolutions, are only a few examples of plans already accomplished by the Superior Spirituality here on Earth. This does not mean, that in the practical implementation of these same plans that involve thousands or even millions of spirits, there are no abuses by some of these spirits because of their free will and their low moral condition.