• The practitioner must do the 21 days of Reiki self-treatment whenever he receives an initiation at a given Reiki level. The 21 days are consecutive. When self-treatment you should not do so near your bedtime as you may fall asleep. If you fall asleep while doing Reiki, the energy does not flow automatically while you sleep. It needs the focus of the practitioner in the present moment to be directed.
  • The practitioner should avoid self-treatment on an overly comfortable surface, for example, an armchair or a sofa. You should do your self-treatment process by sitting in a chair. You should never do it in your bed, as since the bed is associated with a sleeping object, the probability of falling asleep during self-treatment is quite high.
  • Self-treatment lasts on average one hour. In the purification process of the 21 days, it should not last less than 50 minutes.
  • The practitioner is solely responsible for his spiritual evolution. You should be aware of all your self-sabotage processes, especially during the mandatory 21 days of Reiki self-treatment. The results will come as far as your effort (work) and your faith in the good manner of St Augustine:
    “Now as if everything depended on God (Faith) but it works as if everything depended on you (effort and work)”
  • Should put on a soft relaxing music given that helps to focus more easily. Avoid taking stimulants before your Reiki session.
  • You can optionally put an incense to create an atmosphere of peace and inviting to the inner work
  • Unless you are severely impaired physically or severely unbalanced in spiritual terms, you should not procrastinate your self-treatment during the mandatory 21 days. You should, of course, not stop consulting, if applicable, the doctor or a health professional who is properly qualified in case of physical problems.
  • During the process of self-treatment, it is normal, depending on what each practitioner has to purge within themselves in emotional and mental terms, to see contents of their subconscious to the top to become conscious. This is not an exclusivity of Reiki, but of all therapies of an energetic and spiritual nature. The process of catharsis is highly desirable, from the therapeutic point of view and spiritual evolution, although not always pleasant. Likewise, most people will not find great pleasure in doing a housekeeping in their own home but, after this cleaning operation, they will certainly feel better when being inside a clean and clean house.