Reiki Regression – Healing of Fears

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Reiki Regression is a very effective therapy in awareness of the root of fears and insecures in current life that may be located in childhood, intrauterine life or past lives. The decision to make a regression to access the root of a fear, to understand it and to establish a new form of behavior is usually done when the patient is unable to have a normal life, free of limitations, that is, when his social and professional life begins to be affected in a negative way. Access to past traumas allows the resolution of numerous fears such as:

  • fear of enclosed places
  • fear of heights
  • fear of crowds
  • fear of water
  • fear of an animal


  • abissophobia (fear of abysses or precipices)
  • ablepsiphobia (fear of losing one of the senses, for example, going blind)
  • ablutophobia (fear of bathing)
  • acarophobia (fear of mites)
  • acerophobia (fear of acidic substances)
  • eschatophobia (fear of the dark). In some cases this phobia arises from childhood play where the child has been locked in a dark place against his will;
  • acrophobia (fear of high places)
  • acusticophobia (fear of high volume sounds such as thunderstorms, demolitions of buildings, explosion of bombs, fireworks, etc.)
  • aeroacrophobia (fear of staying in high places outdoors)
  • aerodromophobia (fear of traveling by plane)
  • aeronausiphobia (fear of vomiting during an airplane trip)
  • aerophobia (fear of drafts)
  • amfephobia (fear of being touched sexually or not. This fear sometimes ends sexual abuse in childhood or in a past life and tends to cause a lot of disorders in sexual, affective or social situations)
  • aphobia (fear of non-phobias. In this situation, the individual fears not to fear situations that he himself considers that fear would be a necessary response making him nervous)
  • agoraphobia (fear of not being able to get out of the crowd in case of need. The individual with this phobia about in anticipation of a situation in which there is a need to get out of the crowd and not succeed. The agoraphobic may fear being in places such as football stadiums, shopping centers, concerts, cinema and other places of fun which can greatly compromise their social life)
  • agraphobia (fear of being sexually abused)
  • belonophobia (fear of needles and pointed objects)
  • ailurophobia (fear of cats just their presence although distant for the individual to feel uncomfortable)


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