The Ascension Healing Course teaches us to live in harmony with the Divine Laws, not in a sense of spiritual alienation, in which sometimes the seeker of truth tries to deny the phenomena of his own physical existence, arguing that they are the fruit of a kind of dream and that one day he will wake up from this dream and be able to witness the real.

As Caibalion says,

“Mastery does not consist in abnormal visions and dreams, in fantastic life and imagination, but in the employment of the higher forces against the lower, thus escaping the penalties of the lower planes by vibration on the higher.”

Thus, ascension is not about an escape from existing reality but about knowing the Universal Laws that allow us to minimize our suffering, self-imposed by ignorance of those same laws.

The Kybalion also teaches us that while God or the All is in us, we are not God. God is in all things and all things carry the spirit of God in themselves. However, they are not God. The Universe is contained within the Mind of the Whole and the Whole is in the whole Universe since the Universe is His mental creation and every mental creation has the essence of its creator. Thus man is also God’s creation, and although he has in himself the spirit of God, he is not God himself. There are two points of view of analysis on the question of whether the universe is real or not.

From the point of view of the Whole, that is, of the Absolute, the Universe is a mental creation. From the relative point of view, that is, in the highest reason of Man, the Universe is real. When one attains Enlightenment, one does not lose one’s individuality nor does one become God/The All Himself even though one’s mind has become much closer to the Mind of God/The All. Evolution is infinite. It does not cease with Enlightenment.