Psychic Surgery

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Psychic Surgery consists of a technique developed by Karuna Reiki’s master© William Lee Rand that restores the free flow of energy in the meridians and chakras.

When a trauma happens, the memory of that trauma is recorded in the physical body. Whenever the person goes through a person, animal, object or event that has become associated with this trauma, memories are reactivated and he feels in the physical body a feeling of discomfort rather uncomfortable or distressing, sometimes even pain. This emotion can be associated with a specific organ of the body, for example, anger in the liver, pain of betrayal in the heart, fear in the kidneys, etc.

Each organ in the human body stores the cellular memories that correspond to these blockages. These blockades, derived from both current life, intrauterine life or a past life, can be as diverse as:

  • fear of public speaking
  • social phobia
  • fear of being betrayed
  • cynophobia, arachnophobia, claustrophobia, agorophobia, etc.
  • hatred and anger at a group of people (minorities based on religion, genetics, sexual orientation among others)

These disarming energies are, from time to time, triggered and prevent us from living in true freedom. We feel like we’re trapped inside ourselves, with emotional shackles that trap us and vote us into a life of internal prison in a life of supposed external freedom.

This technique, of shamanic origin and widely used by the Kahuna people of Hawaii, dissolves thought forms and feelings-forms resulting from negative events, so that vital energy can circulate again freely through the physical body and other subtle bodies, in order to restore the physical, emotional and mental well-being of the patient.

On average, a psychic surgery session lasts for an hour.

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