Myth 1: Death solves all problems

Many people wish to ascend. Some of these people believe that the sadness they feel as well as all the difficulties they are experiencing in their lives will simply disappear once they ascend. Some even believe that it may be necessary to leave their vehicle of material manifestation in order to achieve this. However, they forget that their difficulties and limitations do not disappear with the disincarnation as if by a magic pass. An incarnated person who is unhappy, will remain unhappy disincarnated. Negative feelings that are with the person do not go away just because the person died. Death doesn’t change anything. What must change is that person’s attitude towards life. Ascension is built by the person himself through his personal effort for improvement. It is not something that depends on the masters of the Higher Spirituality but on the individual himself. The Masters and Beings of Light help but do not make the way for the individual. Each one’s path on the long road of spiritual evolution is personal and non-transferable.

Myth 2: Overcoming the issue

In some less developed spiritualist circles it has become commonplace to denigrate the materiality of life. This mentality rests on the belief that the interest of the body is contrary to the interest of the Soul. However, the Soul and the body are complementary to each other. They are not opposites. They are as complementary as Yin and Yang energy. The goal of two people in a couple is to love each other and not war with each other. The aim of the evolution of the Souls is to integrate divinity into matter and to make the values of the higher Spirituality shine in the ordinary everyday life of the human being. Therefore, one does not need to go anywhere on the planet to spiritualize (India, Tibet, Nepal, Machu Picchu among others) unless such a trip is planned in one’s incarnation plan to help fulfill one’s purpose. The fulfillment of this purpose could entail meditating in certain sacred places, receiving healings and initiations from masters among others. However, in many cases this is not necessary.

The body serves the purpose of the Soul. Thus, it is in the Soul’s interest that the body be healthy, strong and well-fed. The person who neglects his health because he believes that it is not important and that only the Soul matters, is attacking the interests of his own Soul. The healthier a physical body is, the longer the Soul can manifest through it and in better conditions accomplish its purpose more easily. The purpose of the body is to serve the Soul and the purpose of the Soul is to serve God.