The testimonies of the patients in Multidimensional Therapy attest to the effectiveness of this powerful therapy that acts by raising the frequency of the patient to vibrate more constantly in a state of full love and greater acceptance of their life and its challenges.

Patients testify to feeling in the days following therapy a sense of lightness, well-being (often without rational explanation) and fullness. These feelings are part of a large majority of patients who undergo Multidimensional therapy although there are cases in which patients may feel, due to the process of energetic transformation that the therapy advocates, agonized, in some situations even feeling nauseated for a day reaching a maximum of 3 days. These situations that do not even surpass the 5% mark, do not mean that patients were left in a more debilitated state after therapy. These situations are only the testimony of a more accentuated process of energetic cleansing that is carried out by the Beings of Light in patients who were denser and with a lower frequency. These sensations can even occur during therapy in the office.

Multidimensional Therapy Testimonials

“After therapy, I felt lighter and more peaceful. I was still thinking about my problems but in a more positive way.”

“When I forgave my father during therapy, I finally felt free for loving relationships.”

“I felt an unspeakable joy in the days after Multidimensional Therapy. It felt like floating.”

“After being able to forgive myself for cheating on my wife and her leaving me, we are back together. We are living a more mature phase of our relationship.”

“My son is more loving to me. I hope it lasts.”

“Right after the first session of Multidimensional Therapy with Paulo Nogueira, the following day, I received a letter from the lawyer reporting that the case that had been pending in court for 7 years had finally been unblocked. Finally, I was able to pay the debt I had and finally get rid of the interest that had been accumulating while the years went by and the lawsuit remained still without an answer”.

“After the session, I was finally able to forgive my ex-boyfriend for the betrayal. Now we can be friends again. I needed to let go of that burden of guilt for thinking he cheated on me because I didn’t consider myself a good girlfriend. I now understand the motivations he had and although I can no longer change the past, I can better accept what happened. I now see how much I’ve grown as a person in my relationships after that episode.”

“I was feeling very sad and depressed about life, quite discouraged. After being with Paulo in Multidimensional Therapy, I saw the sparkle in my eyes again and realised what an amazing person I am! Thank you so much!”

“I am loving the new me! After meeting Paulo Nogueira in Multidimensional Therapy, I began to understand how the Universe always works so perfectly! I managed to close the chapter of selling the house after two years of trying. I never imagined how my early anger with my father could have so many financial consequences – I thought I didn’t need anyone and that I was the Independent Lord!

“Thanks to Multidimensional Therapy, I am today a woman with much more self-esteem than ever before… I was able after the session to realize how much I didn’t value myself… It did me good to realize that I also have value, that I am also special.”

“After I left the practice, I felt that I hadn’t changed much in my life out of mere complacency. I realised that if I want to launch into business on my own I have to take the first step and say goodbye myself. I can’t be expected to become such a bad professional that they do it for me! I quit my job and am working hard, harder than ever, but I still feel like it was worth the change because now I can be more me… I can value myself! Thank you.”

“Wow! What a power I was left with after the last session! I have to go back for another session! I haven’t felt like this since I was young!”

“I never imagined that therapies could help me so much and change the way I am! Immensely grateful to the Universe!”

“I managed to overcome my emotional blocks in my relationships with the opposite sex little by little… I feel I need more sessions but I’ve already taken a big step which was to start realising that I had a problem and that if I didn’t start solving it now, with time and age, things would get worse.”

“My testimony from the last Multidimensional Therapy session is not enough to express the gratitude I feel for having met Paulo Nogueira! I know that it is the Beings of Light who do the work, but Paulo helped me a lot with his extremely intuitive and straight to the point insights!”

“Multidimensional Therapy did not bring me what I wanted but it brought me what I needed! I now understand that what I wanted was not what was best for me at that time.”

“After the Spiritual Cleansing with the Beings of Light I feel like new! I have to do it once a month so as not to let “dirt” accumulate!”

“In the last session with Paulo I realized how unfair I was to my mother… I cried so much! I never imagined that I could have so many tears to run! Now I was crying, now I was laughing… The Beings of Light are very funny. ? I felt my feet tickling me during the session. They must have realized how down I was and decided to cheer me up with jokes! I love these energy therapies more and more! So much I didn’t know was possible. Amazing how the experience of this therapy changes a person so much. Thank you to God and thank you to me, as Paulo taught me, thank you to me, for allowing me to be helped by the Beings of Light and Archangel Michael who was present the whole session. I saw an intense blue light coursing through me from top to bottom, head to toe, almost the entire session. It seemed like waves sweeping over my worries.”

“I just feel like laughing! My work colleagues think I’ve been drinking since my Multidimensional Therapy session with Paulo!”

“After the Multidimensional Therapy session, I still have the same challenges after two months but my perspective on the problems has changed radically. The problems are still there but they don’t affect me as much anymore. It’s like Paulo says – problems will always exist. When we discover a solution, we discover new problems. If life is made up of problems, it’s better to accept them until we solve them. As Paulo Nogueira usually says – Transcend it! If you solve a problem, you’ll soon find another one. Stop with the source of the problems! They only bring you worries, they don’t take you anywhere! The source of the problems is the mind. Next week, I’m going to start meditating like Paulo recommended me to quiet the mind with Meditation.”

“I leave my testimony after the Multidimensional Therapy session. I felt lighter in the following days. During the session I saw many colors that swirled in front of me in spirals. Then I started seeing geometric shapes… Many geometric shapes and many patterns! Triangles, squares, pyramids, spheres of light and a pattern I had seen once before at the Alternative Fair. I believe it must be related to Ancient Egypt. During the session, I saw a past life of mine there. My relation to the worship I have for the act of embalming is explained. I was a priest there.”

“After the session I felt nauseous, wanting to vomit. I know it was all an energy purge as Paulo warned me before the session that could happen when he saw me so ‘heavy’ but I never thought I would feel so bad. After a couple of days, I have improved substantially. My mind feels much calmer than before and I am more confident about the future.”

“My self-esteem has improved a lot since I did the first session and I decided to take more care of myself. I did Reiki and it has helped me a lot too. I am still in the 21-day self-treatment period of Reiki. Multidimensional Therapy helped me make the decision to take a Reiki course and start doing something for myself. I feel a peace since the session last week like I haven’t felt in a long time. For me, it’s the equivalent of doing a whole week of Yoga!”

“I leave my testimony of Multidimensional Therapy to stay for posterity hehehe. After the session, I felt younger, more renewed. It seems that they changed my engine for a more modern one. The Beings of Light upgraded me!”

“I never imagined how a simple chakra clearing in one session could leave me so at peace. At one point during the session I felt like I was out of body, I could hear myself breathing and I wasn’t sure if I was awake or asleep. I felt beings all around me taking care of me. I felt enveloped in a lot of tenderness and care. It felt like I was in my mother’s womb and a baby again. I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to try it!”