To perform a session of Multidimensional Therapy, you should follow the following procedures:


Step 1: Interview

Greeting the client, writing the first and last name, age and topics to be addressed during the session by the Beings of Light

Step 2: Activation key of Multidimensional Therapy

  1. Imagining or visualizing under your feet a plate of white light extending across the room
  2. Feel roots of white light entering the Earth until they embrace the Earth’s inner Sun – the heart of the Earth
  3. Give your right hand to your Guardian Angel and feel his presence, his love and his protection
  4. Create a ball of white light in the center of the chest, in the heart chakra
  5. Place the client inside the ball of light and intend to heal for 50 minutes

Step 3: Report

During the session, the multidimensional therapist should remain focused in the heart feeling love and in a receptive state to any message that may arise from the Beings of Light