The Multidimensional Therapy Course emerges with the purpose of training multidimensional therapists with the necessary knowledge and techniques to work together with the Beings of Light. The course lasts for 2 days over a whole weekend (Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 19:00) or 2 days during the week.

The Multidimensional Therapy Course, taught by holistic therapist and trainer Paulo Nogueira, will take place in Diekirch in Luxembourg on the 13th and 14th of June’15.
Course fee: EUR 250
Date: 13 and 14 June’15 (Saturday and Sunday)
Place: Espaço Paulo Nogueira Terapias (in Avenue de la Gare, 7 in Diekirch, Luxembourg)

Pre-registration fee: 50 EUR (payable via Paypal – see form below) with the offer of a session of Multidimensional Therapy to be held, optionally, before or after the course.

Course program

Saturday Morning

  • Presentations
  • What is multidimensional therapy?
  • Initiation to the Violet Flame by Master Saint Germain
  • Initiation to the blue light of Sirius – by master Adama, dolphins and whales and the blue beings of Sirius
  • Initiation into the pink energy of Orion – by Lady Venus, Pegasus and the Horses
  • Initiation to the rose petals – by Queen Saint Elizabeth
  • Initiation to the peace of oneness with God – by Archangel Michael

Saturday afternoon

  • Initiation of apples
  • Reconnecting with the Tree of Life – by Master Adama
  • Activation of immunity to radiation
  • Heart chakra opening initiation – by master Sananda (Jesus)
  • Assignment of the spiritual healing team
  • Initiation of the 7 rays of the Rainbow by the Inca community of Machu Pichu
  • Shares

Sunday morning

  • The various dimensions
  • The Divine Laws
  • The contracts
  • The spells
  • Authorization of circulation in the astral worlds and contacts of light help
  • Authorization to do cleansings of negative spells and help from light beings
  • Activation, from the 4th dimension, of the chakras 0 to 8 as interdimensional portals for the evacuation of energies

Sunday afternoon

  • The Interview
  • Practical session of Multidimensional Therapy
  • Acknowledgements

The Multidimensional Therapy Course also consists in a workshop where we will perform karmic rescues, several energetic cleansings and a deepening of our role as healers using the heart as a fundamental instrument to facilitate healing sessions and self-healing towards ascension.

Course Registration

To register for the course, you will need to complete the following form and make the booking payment after which you will be contacted to hold your complimentary Multidimensional Therapy session. On the day of the course, you will only have to pay 200 EUR (amount already deducted from the registration fee).

Name of consulter:
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The following form will be used to consider booking your Multidimensional Therapy session and consequent course registration. In the fields Date and Time you should indicate the date and time of your Multidimensional Therapy session, which will be held remotely via Skype.